“Ireland for Cern” campaign spearheaded by Trinity students

Luke McGuiness talks to the students behind the new campaign for Irish membership of Cern.

Science: In Brief

Deputy Science Editor, Conor O’Donovan rounds up this week’s science stories.

Fail Better: a success?

Sive Finlay guides us through the eclectic mix of ideas, inventions and events that is the Science Gallery’s latest exhibition: Fail Better.

Shortcuts in clinical trials are endangering public health

Conor O’Donovan explores the overuse of cost- and time-saving practices in the testing of medicinal drugs. They are a danger to patient safety, and a grave threat to public health and confidence in the healthcare system.

Peer review – what is it and does it deserve our trust?

Dylan Lynch introduces us to the process of peer review in science, highlighting some of its past failures and questioning its future form.

Science News In Brief

Deputy Science Editor, Conor O’Donovan rounds up this week’s science news.

Healthcare professionals acquire “x-ray vision”

Emma Julia Leacy explores some of the technological innovations shaping modern medicine – and easing the stress for patients.

2014: The UN International Year of Crystallography

Luke McGuiness guides us through a lesser-known field of science that has had profound, yet under-appreciated influences. This year the clouds of obscurity part and crystallography steps up.

Science: In Brief

Science Editor, Gavin Kenny, rounds up this week’s science news stories.

Into the dark – space exploration in 2014

Dylan Lynch explores some of the exciting prospects in store for space exploration in 2014 and beyond.


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