E Coli: friend or foe?

Dylan Lynch examines the recent findings in relation to E-Coli bacteria.

What has a Nobel Prize winner ever done for me?

In the wake the 2013 Nobel Prize announcements last week, Science Editor, Gavin Kenny explores how the lauded research has affected our day-to-day lives.

World Space Week 2013 comes to Trinity, October 4th-10th.

World Space Week 2013 comes to Trinity

Biohacking: a tough grind

Patrick Hull reports on the phenomenon of biohackking and its new place in our world.

Hacking Healthcare

Joan Somers Donnelly explores the recent innovations coming from the ‘hacker’ and ‘maker’ movements in the field of medicine.

Trinity’s Dead Zoo

Housing more than 25,000 specimens, Trinity’s Zoological Museum leaves much to be discovered. Sive Finlay recounts the mueum’s unique collection.

Man and machine without boundaries

Jawad A Anjum examines gesture recognition technology as the world moves towards seamless interaction between humanity and technology.

Antimicrobial resistance: the fall of man?

The retribution for our profligate use of antimicrobial drugs, warns Conor O’Donovan, could send us back in time. Raising awareness of this is not a scare tactic but a strategy to safeguard what we have, while governments must increase investment to discover new drugs.

Genetically modified future

Genetically modified food is the past, present and future. While Europe is sidetracked by spurious health scares, Adam Kelly outlines how the rest of the world is moving on.

What is the Higgs boson?

Anthea Lacchia and Glenn Moynihan investigate…


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