New signs point to life on Mars

The idea of life on Mars has transfixed humans ever since 1854, when William Whewell first theorised the existence of land and seas on the red planet. Later telescopic observations of Martian “canals” further fuelled the speculation, inspiring H.G. Wells’ 1898 War of the Worlds. The 20th century would be filled with more scientific investigation […]

Trinity Research: Understanding cellular suicide

Prof. Seamus Martin has a long-standing interest in how and why cells die and how other cells in the body respond to the death of one of their neighbours.  You might think that cells simply die by accident or due to old age, but there are many situations where cells actually commit suicide by activating […]

The philosophy of particle physics

It is rarely thought about in the mainstream, but issues in science, from its methodology to their meaning, are regular fields of debate among philosophers.  One of the most contentious of these is the question of the nature of unobservable entities. What are unobservable entities? They are objects or particles that cannot be directly viewed […]

Top 10 scientific discoveries of 2009

2009 has been a red-letter year for scientific discovery.  From anthropology to zoology, new finds have abounded, marking the closing year of this first decade of the century with distinction. National Geographic compiled a list of the top 10 most read-about discoveries of 2009.  Adam Seline takes a look at the winners. 10 An exceptionally […]

It’s the knowledge economy, stupid

How many Leaving Certs students did you know this year? And of those, how many chose a science or engineering course? There has been a 25 percent increase in the number of applicants to higher-level science courses, as students flock to what seems like a safe bet and a certain job.

Who’s really filling in your prescription?

There is a war being conducted for your prescription. The opposing sides? The pharmaceutical companies who want to profit by selling you drugs you don’t need, and your doctors, whose job is to prescribe the most effective drugs to treat your condition. Unlike most other products, however, it is your doctor who decides what you […]

Science with a Conscience: Issue 5

It has long been the case that behind every military weapon there is a brilliant but perhaps misguided scientist. One Prof. Benjamin Kuipers is therefore to be commended in his outspoken stance against accepting military funding of any kind.

An emerging technological superpower?

On Wednesday the 22nd October the Republic of India burst into the global technological elite by launching a space mission to the Moon.

Student research saves planet

Every year Opwall helps students leave these fair shores to join colleagues from Britain and America doing real research in the tropics that also contributes to conservation efforts.

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