Dublin City of Science 2012 announced

Hear ye! Hear ye! Dublin, the capital city of a country famed for producing such scientific giants as Robert Boyle, John Tyndall, Ernst Walton and Jocelyn Bell Burnell has hereby reclaimed its rightful place at the summit of European scientific endeavour by officially inaugurating itself as the City of Science 2012.

A glimpse at ancient atmospheres

By Anthea Lacchia Scientists at University College San Diego have discovered a new chemical reaction that may help uncover new information on the ancient atmospheres of Earth and Mars. This chemical reaction takes place on the surface of aerosols in the atmosphere. The researchers also discovered that atmosphere can be trapped in carbonate rock. This […]

Trinity researchers take home award

By Anthea Lacchia Researchers from the Institute of Molecular Medicine and the Centre for High-Content Analysis in Trinity College were the recipients of GE Healthcare’s High-Content Analysis (HCA) Award. The lead authors of the award-winning study, Dr Michael Freeley and Dr Dara Dunican, investigated how white blood cells (T lymphocytes) move in the body during […]

Trinity leads the way toward new vaccines

By Anthea Lacchia Scientists from Trinity College and the University of Leicester have made an exciting breakthrough in understanding the body’s immune response to pneumonia, meningitis and septicaemia. The researchers sought to understand what happens when the pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae infects a cell. The research showed that immune response is triggered by the bacterial toxin […]

Book review: Darwin today

It is hard to talk about Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species without seeming overstated. But to his credit, it remains one of the most influential books ever written. This Wednesday witnesses the 151st anniversary of Darwin’s seminal classic, whose impact has been felt by scientists worldwide, by Nazi eugenicists, and even by Irish writers. To […]

Celestial show returns for one night only

Alannah NicPhaidin Contributing Writer On November 12, 1833 some people in the western hemisphere thought that the world was coming to an end. It appeared that the sky was raining stars, and the brightness caused by the occurrence awoke many a sleepers. What people did not understand was it was a phenomenon that we refer […]

Cure not to be sneezed at

Alexander Hess Contributing Writer Often called the “Nobel Prize Factory,” the internationally renowned Molecular Biology Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, has made another potentially groundbreaking discovery. Just last year the laboratory celebrated bringing home its fourteenth Nobel Prize since its foundation in 1947. Among its accolades are the discovery of the structure of DNA […]

Male infertility linked to faulty gene

By Anthea Lacchia The cause of male infertility, long shrouded in mystery, has had some light shown upon it by researchers in the Pasteur Institute in France and University College London. The new study provides new insight into the reasons for male infertility. The research shows that genetic defects could be responsible for at least […]

Human evolution fuelled by volcanic extinction

By Anthea Lacchia New research suggests that volcanic eruptions drove Neanderthals to extinction, allowing modern humans to establish themselves in Northern Eurasia. This theory is reported in the October issue of Current Anthropology. Researchers have linked the massive eruptions that took place around 40,000 years ago to ash layers found in the Caucasus Mountains of […]

Trigger for nickel allergies discovered

By Enda Shevlin It is often said that women have expensive tastes. But taste does not necessarily equate to means, forcing many cash-strapped young ladies to resort to wearing fake jewellery. It is often the case that women, when wearing fake or impure jewellery, break out in an itchy rash, known as contact sensitivity. The […]


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