Fighting the rising tides

  Cork city has experienced regular and violent flooding for many years. The southern city is built on gravel and sand, and works like a big sponge. It sits on islands and marsh, right where the river Lee meets the ocean. During storm surges, heavy rainfall, and high tides, the groundwater beneath the city rises […]

The responsibility of the scientist

What is the goal of science? You may find you get quite different answers depending on whom you ask. Business people and politicians tend to view science as a tool to achieve greater affluence; by creating technological solutions to societal problems, predicting which problems may occur in the future, or at the very least teaching […]

Research round-up

National Science Foundation (NSF) statistics show the majority of Americans find scientists “odd and peculiar” The publication Science & Engineering Indicators 2018, is a large report from the USA which tracks scientific activity around the world. Along with tracking funding and growth in different sectors, the publication also conducts polls to determine public perceptions of […]

Bridging the gap between the arts and STEM: Science Gallery 2018

The integration of the arts with science is not, by any means, a superficial or laboured action. A naturally occurring coexistence occurs between the two, a coexistence that should be encouraged and pursued rather than hindered as it sometimes is here in Trinity.   Students often comment on the apparent divide between the Arts Block and […]

Kilonava observation marks the dawn of Multi-Messenger Astronomy

In October 2017, following the observation of gamma-ray bursts, visible light, and gravitational waves, all from the same event (a ‘kilonova’, the merging of two incredibly dense neutron stars), several papers were published in the journal Nature and elsewhere outlining the importance of the discovery.   Elena Pian, astronomer with the Italian National Institute for […]

Parasites, prizes, and problems with pay

In March of 2012, a 12-year old boy from Minia, Egypt was admitted to the emergency room of Minia University Hospital. He was pale, appeared poorly nourished, and for 3 days had been suffering from constipation and vomiting, combined with severe abdominal pain.   When he underwent abdominal ultrasonography, parallel paired lines resembling railway tracks […]

Two takes on genetics, race and identity politics

Aisling Greene: Genetics vs. Prejudice         Before the December break, students gathered in the MacNeill lecture theatre for a talk from Dr. Adam Rutherford, the celebrated geneticist, author, and broadcaster. GenSoc (the genetics society)  and SciSoc (the science society) hosted the event, titled “Genes, Race and Identity Politics.”   Dr. Rutherford started out with some […]

A greener Christmas

The time has come to consider ‘greening’ our Christmases. The mass amount of waste created by the holiday is extremely polluting. The methane and carbon dioxide gas created by landfill as this waste decomposes is contributing to the greenhouse gas effect and global warming. When food decomposes in landfills, methane is produced, a greenhouse gas […]

I can’t believe it’s not coal!

For such a dark, cold, slightly radioactive lump of fossil, coal has achieved a lot for humanity. We have only coal and a spark of ingenuity to thank for the explosive development in science, technology and engineering that we have seen in the past 300 years.   With so much chemical energy packed into such […]

Be wary of the power of genetic engineering

Genetic Engineering has been in the popular lexicon since the concept was first introduced in the science fiction book “Dragon’s Island” in 1951. Since the discovery of the double helix in 1953, our understanding of genetics has increased massively. Unfortunately, however, there is still no sign of genetically engineered superheros or Captain Americas. CRISPR technology […]


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