Food Harvest 2020 and Food Wise 2025

Agriculture is often synonymous with Ireland, a country famous for its rolling green pastures and agricultural landscape. It is an important part of both the Irish economy and society; however, it is also one of the main contributors to environmental degradation, and therefore loss of natural capital, in the country.   Natural capital is the […]

Research roundup – March

Technology: New smartphone app can monitor blood pressure Researchers at Michigan State University and the University of Maryland have developed a smartphone attachment which can monitor blood pressure. In the world we live in today, heart disease and risk of stroke are some of the major health concerns confronting the majority of people. A standard […]

Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, the world’s most famous macaques

More than 20 years after the famous Dolly the Sheep was born in the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Neuroscience have successfully cloned primates for the first time. The long-tailed macaques, named Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua were cloned using the same technique used with Dolly: somatic cell […]

One woman’s scientific journey: Professor Aoife McLysaght

This International Women’s Week we celebrated the women around us and challenge the issues which still cause gender inequality in our world. As a Genetics student I have the privilege of being in a department which is led by a woman. That woman is Professor Aoife McLysaght. Her research focuses primarily on molecular evolution. As […]

No place for narratives in science?

I recently read The Silent Spring by Rachel Carson – a sad admission for a third-year environmental science student. This book is the starting point for anyone interested in environmental conservation, and largely precipitated the entire culture of environmental monitoring in the United States. As I read through the beautiful imagery and prose I was […]

The tortured mind

As individuals, few of us will ever experience the stressor states inflicted on torture victims with the goal of retrieving information.  It is difficult for our empathy to extend to these extremities of suffering, leaving us with a poor understanding of what torture does to a person. However this activity, which has pervaded human society […]

The Humanities’ Strange STEM Obsession

Two articles published by campus publications have bemoaned the reverence in which STEM is held above the Humanities in the last two months alone. The articles, maybe not surprisingly, were written by students of the humanities, and took the position that the humanities have a vital part to play in the modern world.   In […]

New kids on the block: Nessa O’Connor

Nessa O’Connor is the Zoology department’s newest lecturer, having moved from Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) in January of 2017. Dr.O’Connor specializes in all things marine biology, and is particularly interested in the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (how stable and healthy an ecosystem is). Dr. O’Connor was based in Queen’s for a full seven […]

Gender imbalances and career advancement

Our generation is one of the most informed groups of young people to have existed; meaning that in terms of current affairs, we educate ourselves and are active in addressing problems, and creating solutions. This is characteristic of an age where science and technology are progressing at the highest rate ever observed, and a plethora […]

Geography through genetics

Imagine a map of Ireland. Instead of the usual four provinces, the map is divided into six areas — not defined by political borders but rather by genetic differences.     This map is the result of a new thorough genetic analysis conducted by researchers in the genetics department of Trinity College Dublin, lead by […]


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