A greener Christmas

The time has come to consider ‘greening’ our Christmases. The mass amount of waste created by the holiday is extremely polluting. The methane and carbon dioxide gas created by landfill as this waste decomposes is contributing to the greenhouse gas effect and global warming. When food decomposes in landfills, methane is produced, a greenhouse gas […]

I can’t believe it’s not coal!

For such a dark, cold, slightly radioactive lump of fossil, coal has achieved a lot for humanity. We have only coal and a spark of ingenuity to thank for the explosive development in science, technology and engineering that we have seen in the past 300 years.   With so much chemical energy packed into such […]

Be wary of the power of genetic engineering

Genetic Engineering has been in the popular lexicon since the concept was first introduced in the science fiction book “Dragon’s Island” in 1951. Since the discovery of the double helix in 1953, our understanding of genetics has increased massively. Unfortunately, however, there is still no sign of genetically engineered superheros or Captain Americas. CRISPR technology […]

How gaming companies use gambling

A controversial story has been unfolding over the course of the last two weeks around the use of loot boxes in EA’s recently released Star Wars Battlefront 2. This is a system of ‘in-game’ purchasing that allows you the opportunity to open a box that contains a selection of bonus power-ups or other in-game content. […]

Cleopatra, the forces of nature, and the future of communication

Cleopatra is one of the most well-known figures of the ancient world, standing beside Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great and Hannibal. It’s an impressive accomplishment considering the male dominated age in which she lived. She was the last of the Ptolemaic rulers, a dynasty descended from Alexander the Great’s general Ptolemy I, which lasted for […]

Evolution in real time

The Theory of Evolution via natural selection was first postulated by Charles Darwin in his book ‘On the Origin of Species’ nearly 160 years ago. If you know anything about Charles Darwin apart from this theory, you’ll probably know he sailed around South America on the exploratory voyage of the Beagle. You may also know […]

Journalists vs algorithms

Last month the international tech and music event, Uprise Festival, was held at the RDS in Dublin for the first time. Tipped as being one of the top five talks was  The Migration of Journalism, hosted by media experts Amanda Connolly and Mark Little. Connolly is currently the head digital editor at Newstalk, while Little […]

The existential crises of science students

Existential crises are usually associated with ever-questioning philosophy students. However, as I have been discovering through my Science undergraduate at Trinity, life can take on a whole new meaning after a single lecture. During the first ever week of biology lectures, Luke O’Neill not so subtly suggested that if we were in anyway interested in […]

How the Tohoku tsunami transported Japanese marine life to the American coast

On March 11 2011, a 9.1 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific coast of Tohoku, Japan. To say that it was powerful would be an understatement, with the then Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan saying that “in the 65 years after the end of World War II, this is the toughest and most difficult crisis for […]

Plant protein key to combating global warming?

New research from a collaborative European Union (EU) project TRUE – “Transition paths to sUstainable legume based systems in Europe” (TRUE) has implicated that plant protein is the key to combating hunger and mitigating against global warming. Legumes, such as peas, beans and lentils have been found to have the highest nutrient density and the […]


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