Dynamic Dung: What zebra faeces can offer conservation

‘What can I learn from you?’ is not a question we’re used to asking when staring down into the toilet bowl with our hand hovering over the flush. It’s not a question that Zebra ask themselves either, as far as we know, before trotting away from their kidney shaped droppings on the baking African savannah. […]

Does your brain have a sex?

At the molecular level, it is quite easy to differentiate between men and women. Women have two X chromosomes while men have an X and Y. Those endowed with the Y chromosome develop the male anatomy via the presence of the SRY gene, the necessary component for male sex determination.   This biological definitions of […]

Virtual Reality technology brings Beckett into a new age of theatre

You stand in the centre of an unlit room, entirely in darkness. You swivel, and a spotlight shines on the head of a woman protruding above the lip of a beige ceramic urn.  In rapid-fire intonation, she begins: “Yes strange the darkness best and the darker the worse till all dark then all well for […]

Research roundup

Genetic analysis reveals social interactions between Neanderthals and early Modern Humans Neanderthals are the closest genetic ancestor to early modern humans (homo sapiens) and are studied to understand more about the ancestral history of early modern humans. Studying Neanderthal genetic composition, however, is no small feat. Approximately 40,000 years ago, these archaic humans had all […]

The Nobel Prize winners in the Sciences 2017

This year’s Nobel Prize announcements began on October 2. The Prize in Physiology and Medicine was the first to be announced by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. This was followed throughout the week by prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Literature and the Peace Prize.   The final award, for Economic Sciences, while not […]

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

With life getting better by almost all measurable standards, why have rates of depression and anxiety disorders been on the rise?  We have entered the “information age” as a by-product of technological advances brought forth by the internet.    It seems that there have been some unsuspected side effects of what might be more of […]

New Trinity research examines effect of compassion in therapy

The stereotypes we all associate with therapy are continually being challenged by recent developments in Psychological research. The image of a Freud-like therapist blaming your father for your fear of heights while you lie across a couch is a far-cry from the latest psychological intervention techniques.   Notably, Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) is a new […]

New gas infrastructure on horizon for Ireland

The Port of Cork has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with NextDecade Corporation, an American liquefied natural gas (LNG) development company. NextDecade is listed on the stock exchange as worth nearly $1 billion (€850 million).   The memorandum is an informal agreement to explore a major gas supply project costing hundreds of millions of […]

Research round-up

Organic chemists complete a total synthesis of potential anti-cancer molecule Bryostatin 1 In the search for molecules with potential anti-cancer properties, scientists have often turned to natural sources to find good leads. One such natural source was a marine creature known as Bugula Neritina, a red, bushy, fern-like invertebrate often mistaken for seaweed. It was […]

Bee-ware, poison in the pollen?

“Charismatic mega-fauna” is a term often used in the conservation world to refer to animals that inspire empathy, and which can attract public donations. Polar bears, pandas and penguins are in the list. It’s easy to understand, who doesn’t love pandas? However, it is harder for us to get excited over the conservation of creepy […]


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