Inaugural “Blockchain for Good Hackathon” hosted in Dublin’s docklands

Traditional notions of the uses of blockchain technology were put to the test last week at the first annual “Blockchain for Good Hackathon” hosted by the Linux Foundation and Accenture. The hackathon occurred over two days at Accenture’s dockland facility for research and development.   A hackathon is an event where programmers collaborate intensively, in […]

European Southern Observatory scheduled to make mystery announcement following Ireland’s plans to join in 2018

Spoiler alert: the mystery announcement is completely unrelated to Ireland’s joining the European Southern Observatory (ESO), but is nonetheless very exciting, featuring something never-before-seen, according to Observatory.   This announcement will now be of particular interest to Irish astrophysicists, as an increase in the state budget for innovation in 2018 will finally allow Ireland to […]

Environmental politics on the other side of the Atlantic

Last week the Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, addressed environmental graduate and undergraduate students in Trinity. The event took a debate format, wherein McKenna answered questions posed by the audience members. She was accompanied by Dr Quentin Crowley, a lecturer in Geology, and the Chancellor of the University, Dr Mary Robinson. […]

Doom and downfall at the Science Gallery

In Case of Emergency, the newest exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin, explores the collapse of society and the possibility of an apocalypse. The exhibition, which opened on Friday, features survival guides, threats to the planet, prevention methods, and predictions for how we might cope with the end of the world as we know it.   […]

A beginner’s guide to understanding the Apocalypse.

In recent months, we have seen catastrophic natural disasters worldwide with hurricanes Irma and Harvey leaving large areas devastated. The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. Yet the reasons for them are still being debated in the public forum. Just recently, Kirk Cameron claimed that the hurricanes were a “display of […]

The Hyperloop

The idea of transporting people via sealed tubes has existed for over 150 years and is a concept often featured in science fiction, both past and present. Pneumatic trains were even tested in London’s Underground in the 1860’s for a while. They are perceived as a form of fast, efficient transport – everything our own […]

Pills and potions

Alternative and complementary medical (A&CM) practices have experienced a surge in popularity as well as long-standing criticism. The recent decision of the British health service not to cover such treatments brings this issue to prominence. These practices are often accompanied by emotional guidance and are rooted in indigenous knowledge; beliefs, religions and cultures. What constitutes […]

A crash course to studying General Science in Trinity

Last September, the Junior Freshman students of 2016/17 waited in anticipation for their first experience of third level education to begin. General Science differs from many college courses, in that a single time-table is not administered during orientation week.   Instead, hundreds of students must flock together on their first day in order to  select […]

Exploring Space Week 2017

Today, October 4, marks the beginning of Space Week 2017. Stretching from now until Tuesday October 10, Space Week will see a range of cosmic themed events taking place nationwide. Space Week was established in 1999, with a United Nations declaration aiming to celebrate “the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of […]

Research Round-Up: September

Organic chemists discover a new method to selectively make cis carbon-fluorine bonds The primary concern of organic chemists is to make molecules of socio-economic benefit, such as polymers, medicines and agrochemicals. To this end, many organic chemists interest themselves in being able to discover new ways of making chemical bonds to help them build these […]


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