Time for scientists to start thinking about how they communicate

We all need to explain the impact we have our society as funding programmes shift from basic to applied research.

Exciting year ahead for NASA exploration

Coming up in the year ahead: some exciting space exploration milestones.

‘Awareness is important, almost more so than funding’

Dylan Lynch talks to Dr. Shaun Boomfield, the TCD physicist leading a space forecasting project awarded €2.5m in European Commission funding last week.

Secrets of the Enigma machine

Inspired by the recent release of The Imitation Game, Katarzyna Siewierska looks at the Enigma machine and how the code was cracked.

Stage is prepared for action against climate change

It is paramount that the momentum achieved by December’s Conference of Parties is maintained.

Do we need to start worrying about the pill?

A recent study has linked the contraceptive pill to changes in the structure of female brains.

Modern day Atlantis to be built in Japanese oceans by 2030

Japanese civil engineering company announces plans to build an underwater housing complex.

Undergraduate science journal announced

The Trinity Student Science Review, a new undergraduate science journal, was announced today.

Bringing dead animals back to life

Any species that has gone extinct in the last 100,000 years could be resurrected as a result of recent research.

Could nuclear power solve our energy crisis?

Nuclear power may be the only solution to the world’s energy crisis. But is it really viable source of alternative energy?


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