Trinity wins four awards at this year’s SFI Science Awards

Professor John Boland of the school of chemistry was crowned SFI Researcher of the Year

Trinity researchers scooped four out of eight awards at the annual Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Science Summit, held last night at the Ballsbridge Hotel. The awards marked the beginning of Science Week, a campaign organised by SFI.

Professor John Boland,

Trinity scientists shed new light on the link between obesity and cancer

The immune system fails in the presence of excess fat, reducing its ability to fight cancer

Trinity scientists have made a major discovery that confirms why the body’s immune surveillance systems stutter and fail in the presence of excess fat, in a study recently published in journal Nature Immunology.

The researchers studied natural killer cells from

Lise Meitner: Austria’s Marie Curie

Lise Meitner, a neglected figure in scientific history, is still capable of teaching us about the challenges faced by women in science

If I asked you to name any physicist, I’d wager that most of us would know some of the (male) greats: Newton, Einstein, Schrodinger, and Hawking are all household names. But this November marks 140 years since the birth of

How Florence Nightingale used statistics to revolutionise public healthcare

Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing and a passionate statistician, who helped overhaul army and public healthcare

“It may seem a strange principle to enunciate as the very first requirement in a hospital that it should do the sick no harm,” Florence Nightingale declared in her 1859 book named “Notes on Hospitals”. Nightingale, a passionate statistician, dedicated

Understanding sharks: an interview with Professor Nick Payne

Ciarán Ó Cuív talks to Professor Nick Payne to discuss his coastal upbringing, love for sharks, and plans for the future

Since joining the Zoology department at the beginning of the academic year, Assistant Professor Nick Payne has already made a name for himself on a national scale. He was interviewed for television for his work on a research project which

TCDSU Women in STEM to be rebranded to Diversity in STEM

EMS Faculty Convener Sally Anne McCarthy has accepted applications for the new committee

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) Women in STEM group will be rebranded as TCDSU Diversity in STEM, following faculty convener for Engineering, Maths, and Science Sally Anne McCarthy’s acceptance of applications for the Diversity in STEM committee.

The movement

Trinity scientists uncover mechanism behind “speed gene” in thoroughbred racehorses

The non-coding section was shown to be responsible for the skeletal muscle growth and race distance aptitude of horses

Trinity scientists in collaboration with UCD researchers have discovered the element of the “speed gene” which determines why certain racehorses are best suited to race over sprint distances and others over longer distances, in a paper recently published at scientific

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