Tennis team more than a match for European titans

A strong showing on clay from a DULTC selection wasn’t quite good enough to bring home the trophy, but the experience will stand to all the players involved, writes Cilian J White.

Stepping out of history’s shadow

DUBC’s Irish Championship win recalls the glory days of old and ranks alongside the club’s greatest past achievments, writes Peter Henry

Netball players hope for a revival in a sport with its best days behind it

On any list of Things That Your Average Person Doesn’t Really Care About, netball would rank quite high. You could be excused for not knowing what netball is, let alone that it’s played in Trinity, given its spectacular unpopularity in this country.

Promising start for new coach Pelow

 Dublin University Hockey Club’s first pre-season test of 2008 was to face a young but talented Corinthian’s 2nd XI. It was the University’s first game under new coach, Ronan Pelow, and it was fitting to see his son, Chris, lining out against the students.

Carlow’s raw power puts early end to cup campaign

Trinity team nonetheless standing after enthusiastic performance while Carlow’s experience ultimately sees them through

The Commentary Box

Fencing finds its feet

During the 1982 Fencing World Championships held in Rome, the reigning Olympic champion and foilist Vladimir Smirnov of Russia was drawn against the West German, Matthias Behr. The fencers were called to the piste, and the fight soon began.

27-year drought ended by triumph

On Saturday 12th July 2008 Dublin University Boat Club’s senior eight won the Senior National Championship and were crowned outright rowing champions of Ireland for the first time since 1981. The circumstances leading up to the race could have hardly been more dramatic. In fact, they were unprecedented. In March, DUBC’s eight lost the annual […]

Ultimate Frisbee travels and travails

  Fresh off their third consecutive intervarsity triumph in April, Dublin University Ultimate Frisbee Club has been as active as ever over the summer months, with members travelling as far afield as Canada, France and Italy in search of their Ultimate fix.

Thunderbolts are go: American football at Trinity

  As if three forms of football weren’t enough, it seems that all those American tourists and exchange students have rubbed off on us. Dublin University American Football Club (DUAFC), set up in 2007, is all set to bring the good news of gridiron to College Park – or at least, Santry.


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