What next for the Ireland team?

  “To stick the boot in and kick players and staff when they are down is bang out of order”. These were the words of a distraught James McClean in the wake of last night’s disastrous 1-5 defeat to Denmark in the Aviva Stadium. He’s probably right.   If there’s one thing we always say […]

Ultimate Frisbee: Trinity’s best kept secret?

This college year is looking particularly promising for Dublin University Ultimate Frisbee Club (DUUFC). Things kicked-off in early October with the Women’s team winning the first tournament of the year, The Cork Open. This was their first time as finalists at Ireland’s longest running tournament, open to European teams across all divisions. After six tightly […]

Keep it in the country

Until last February I was ignorant to the existence of League of Ireland football; I mean I knew there was a League in Ireland but that was about it. With Premier League football on television being such a rip-off and even decent seats in the Aviva starting to look a little steep, I found my […]

Trinity Ultimate Frisbee Club Women crowned champions at Indoor Inter-varsities

Last Saturday, Trinity Ultimate Frisbee Club (DUUFC) women travelled down to the Mardyke Arena at University College Cork with two teams to play the first tournament of the college year, Women’s Indoor Inter-varsities. Twelve teams from all over the country played five 20 minute long games each in the one-day competition.   Trinity’s second team […]

DUFC fall to league champions Cork Constitution

DUFC fell to current Ulster Bank League champions Cork Constitution today in College park, failing to make it three wins on the bounce after beating Young Munster and Buccaneers in their last two league outings.   Field position proved crucial, as Cork Con — who were trying to avoid their third loss in a row […]

To bid or not to bid?

Having seen seen such divides in opinion in our nation’s broadsheets, it would probably surprise many that 90% of the Irish public support the government’s bid to host the Rugby World Cup in 2023, according to a recent poll conducted by the Claire Byrne Show and Amarach Research. Considering how little we all seem to […]

In defence of activewear

Activewear is actively popular now. That’s not an opinion, it’s a global trend. According to the financial services company, Morgan Stanley, sales in activewear are continually on the rise and are projected to rise by another $50 billion worldwide by 2020. In fact, activewear is becoming so popular it’s cutting into the market share of […]

It’s a kind of magic

Ask a person on the street to name ten sports played in Ireland, and you’re unlikely to find anyone who lists Quidditch amongst their top ten. Unless, of course, the person you ask is Stefan Scheurer, the President of Quidditch Ireland, who reliably informs me that Quidditch is a sport on the up, not only […]

FC Barcelona in an independent Catalonia

“We have no other option but to vote. We call on the international community to support us and, on democrats the world over, to help us to defend the rights that are threatened in Catalonia, such as the right of freedom of expression and the right to vote.”   This from a no less esteemed […]

Doping of a different kind

Arsene Wenger described the economic imbalance in European football as “financial doping”. This imbalance operates on a number of levels. There is and has been for a considerable time, a top tier of European clubs with financial spending power that reaches beyond the rest. The names are familiar – Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Manchester United, […]


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