New STAR project to encourage young soccer talent

Run by TAP, in conjunction with the Shamrock Rovers and Trinity Sport, the project seeks to foster education and sporting development

A new initiative founded by the Trinity Access Programme (TAP), run in conjunction with the Shamrock Rovers and Trinity Sport, seeks to foster educational and sporting development among students from Tallaght and the inner city through providing a number of …

Town walks and country walks

Have you forgotten the charm of the outdoors since coming to university in Dublin? Hannah Beresford lauds the simple magic of a walk in an ode to her native Cork.

Health and Wellbeing

I have always loved being outside. I grew up in a house skirted by woodland; our garden backed right up onto the treeline. An inordinate amount of my childhood and teens were spent wandering around this wood …

DUEC “slay” at Intervarsities

Fresh from their intervarsity victory, six members of DU Equestrian Club crowded into the TN office to be interviewed by Clare McCarthy earlier this week

I can’t tell if they are enthusiastic to be interviewed, buzzing from their recent win, or just happy to see their friends again, but they certainly livened up the office on a rather dull Thursday afternoon.

“If we’d come last

Bowling over the Creases

DU Ladies Cricket Club provide a roadmap to social media and on-campus success

“By dragging their friends down to Ancillary Hall and College Park, the new committee made Trinity women’s cricket something fun and approachable.”

The Cricket Club is one of the oldest sports clubs on campus, and an iconic part of Trinity’s

A Captain’s Run

Dáire O’Driscoll talks to Róisín Harbison, Captain of Wind and Wake and Honorary Secretary of the DUCAC Captains Committee

Confidence is like obscenity: hard to define, but you know it when you see it. One thing that isn’t difficult to pin down is where this confidence arises from. Sport has played a big part in the life of Róisín

Play like a girl: Ladies GAA

Continuing his series on women in Trinity’s sporting world, Joel Coussins talks to three of the stars of Trinity’s Ladies Gaelic Football team: Deirdre Kennedy, a 3rd year MSIS student, Petra McCafferty and Michelle Peel, Senior Sophister Physiotherapy and

Aikido for All  

DU Aikido Club is celebrating 40 years since one of its founders, Sensei Sean MacRuairi, began teaching aikido outside the university club he helped set up. We got the chance to catch up with Sensei MacRuairi and ask about what aikido means, how it fits into the world today and how it all began

Aikido is relatively obscure even now, despite the fact that Charmed character Prue and The Walking Dead‘s Morgan are known practitioners of the martial art (in fictional universes), as is the film star Steven Seagal. Aikido clubs are usually

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