Burke Panel: Solutions to climate change in a shrinking world

The shrinking world, as it comes into our view, has become an exceedingly prevalent matter as we draw closer to the year 2020. For a multitude of reasons, 2020 is the year in which we as inhabitants of this spinning rock must come to terms with the carbon footprint we have made. In the mere […]

The launch of Jailbreak 2018

DU Amnesty, VDP and Cumann Gaelach have all teamed up for the second year to launch Jailbreak: a race where people follow clues to a mystery location in order to raise money for charity. Following their launch on Wednesday morning at Front Square with Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor, they gave an information night in the […]

What’s on: Theatre October to December 2017

Have you been a Jackeen all your life but never do anything cultural in your own city? Are you perhaps a fresher foreign to our shores and looking to immerse yourself in the arts? Are you sad that you missed the amazingly hip cultural event that is the Dublin Fringe Fest? Well do not fret […]

Stand up and be counted

There’s a certain transition for every first year that occurs during their first few weeks in college. I’m not talking about that newfound sense of independence you rejoice in for cooking your first proper meal without parental supervision; I’m referring to the expansion of our minds, a broader sense of thinking and new ideas. Perhaps […]

This week in Trinity: Fourth Week

If the wrath of Storm Ophelia wasn’t enough to keep you entertained this week, there’s plenty more to keep you occupied as the week continues. This week marks the fourth academic week of the year, known simply as Fourth Week, Trinity’s only week dedicated to the 120 societies on campus. Every single event taking place […]

How to survive your first term

When you’re a bright-eyed teen stifled in school, grappling with exams and being tossed round high-pressure social situations on a daily basis, college seems the place of dreams. You’re going to study a subject you love, surrounded by a bubble of like-minded people. You’ll read through texts in the library with gusto. You will live […]

Dublin University Film Society to hold 48-hour film-making competition

In 2016 the Dublin University Film Society held their first 48-Hour Smartphone Film-making Competition. The event combined the society’s three aims of film production, education, and appreciation; and allowed students, especially those without film-making experience, to get a taste of what goes into making a short film.   Thirteen teams of three to five people […]

Anonymous thoughts on.. TCDSU

What’s been firing up the kids lately? Climate change? Blasé. Trump? Dead horse. North Korea? God, I hope not.   No, nothing gets the ball rolling in student circles more than the friendly faces down at House Six. But since only the loudest voices get heard, which in this day and age are the people […]

A letter to… my parents

Dear parents,   I sit writing this as I sip my skinny cappuccino in this new very hipster hidden gem I found on a corner of southside Dublin that you’ll never be able to find. It’s a college thing Mum; casual coffees and lounging lectures.   As another year of University begins in the big […]

Is violence the answer?

The Philosophical Society held their weekly debate on Thursday night, with the motion: This House Would Meet Bigotry with Violence. Before the debate I was feeling slightly torn as to which side I was on, however I left the debate without a doubt in my mind that I firmly oppose the motion.   The debated […]


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