Looking for society alumni

When asked about their first day on campus, few Trinity students would fail to mention the impressive and exciting Freshers’ Fair. Joining (too many) societies is a rite of passage into college. Society culture is a defining and much-advertised feature of life in Trinity. The consensus is that involving yourself in societies is a fundamental […]

Reflecting on my roots

I can’t remember exactly how I felt that day last September when I left home for the big city. I seem to recall a few odd details: the train was virtually empty, I snacked on dark chocolate, and I read the first seventy pages of Gulliver’s Travels. Advanced reading, I know. I guess I started […]

A mindful brunch

To begin the first week of study season, the newly established DU Vegan Society teamed up with DU Meditation for a calming event. On the first Monday, after the academic term ended, the societies hosted a lunch and meditation session in the Hist Conversation Room in the GMB.     The event was also a […]

An experimental and eerie delight

“The Last of this We’ll Hear” directed and written by Christopher Kestell lasts roughly forty minutes, but provides a vastly unique and unnerving method of spending an afternoon. The audience were shown into the Players Theatre whereupon they found a small cupcake on every seat in the theatre. On the stage, a large stack of […]

JoLT returns home to launch in Long Room Hub

How many academics does it take to open a bottle of prosecco?   Attendees at tonight’s launch of Journal of Literary Translation’s (JoLT) newest volume will know the answer to this question as one unopened bottle was passed around the room with the cork defeating most.    But obstinate corks aside, the launch of the […]

Hudson Taylor added to Trinity Ball lineup

Hudson Taylor will join George Ezra, Hannah Wants and Circa Waves at Trinity Ball this Friday.   The folk duo, comprised of Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor, will return to the ball having played the main stage in 2013 before Imagine Dragons.   Folk fans will be happy to see the Dublin-born brothers join Sinead Harnett, […]

Top scenic walks in Dublin

“Few people know how to take a walk. The qualifications are endurance, plain clothes, old shoes, an eye for nature and vast curiosity” (Henry David Thoreau)   Despite its status as the most primal act of mobility, leisurely walking has faded out of fashion over the last century. The benefits of bounding into the wilderness […]

Trinity Hall increases awareness about migrant vulnerability through The Harmony Project

Trinity Hall will host The Harmony Project Event, a one day informative program that will educate students about the lives of migrants in the context of Irish society.   In an effort to “promote an environment of inclusivity and understanding on Trinity’s campus,” the event will consist of keynote speakers, discussion and information sessions, and […]

KeepAppy: An app’s journey to improving mental wellness

According to the World Health Organisation, one in every four people in the world will suffer with a mental health disorder in their lifetime – that’s 1.9 billion people. Students in Ireland are no different, with College reporting a 46% increase in incoming students with a mental health condition for the academic year 2016/17. With mental […]

Avoiding the FOMO on campus

Too often, the fear of missing out (FOMO) is caricatured as le Mal du Siècle (the evil of the century) of the supposedly shallowest generation ever: ours. In the early 19th century, European students were disillusioned and melancholic because, being born too late, they had missed the chance to take part in the French Revolution […]


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