Where to watch the 2018 World Cup

   It’s that wonderful time of the quadrennial once again. A reason to drink at outlandish times of the day, a reason to scream at the tiny television inside your grandmother’s house, a reason to tell the old woman on the bus that you “just can’t see past Germany”, maybe even a reason to take out […]

“An object is only as good as its story”

Holed up in the Brutalist classrooms of the sixties Arts Block, or fluorescent labs in the glass-covered TBSI, the old-world charm Trinity teases as one walks into its entrance feels to many an unfulfilling deception. It’s a struggle to imagine that the ground one is walking on — particularly in the blocky, uninspiring science end […]

Looking Back: What I did with my four euro

Rebecca Lalor on her involvement with Trinity’s VDP: “On choosing a Trinity society that has both challenged and thrilled me, it is hard to not mention VDP. Wandering through Freshers stalls that sunny day, I was lured to sign up to countless stands. The futility of it all only struck in later days.   The […]

Looking back: The key voices heard in Trinity this year

Eight months after Freshers Week, the daunting experience of walking into Front Square to be met by an array of colour and a sea of new faces is a memory that many first years share. On shaky legs we delved into the crowds of our first society fair, our pockets slowly becoming emptier and emptier […]

What makes a Law Soc auditor?

Law Soc is a well known society on campus, running some of the biggest social events such as the Galway getaway, Law Ball, the annual Maples Law Ball and the European getaway. Despite being a society focused on a specific course, it boasts a membership that stretches across campus. With sponsorship from some of Ireland’s […]

Magnified societies: A closer look at TradSoc

Looking for a place to either participate in or watch an Irish traditional music session? No need to continue your search. We have the answer courtesy of TradSoc. Every few weeks TradSoc organises a session at Chaplins Bar. Less than a five minute walk from Front Gate, on Hawkins Street, Chaplins plays host to students […]

The art of balance: an interview with a TA

With zero pretense, James Hussey identifies The Sickness Unto Death by nineteenth-century Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard as his favourite book, stating, “I probably reread it once a year.”   As a final-year Ph.D. candidate in the School of English, Hussey has never been a student of philosophy. Over the course of our conversation, however, it […]

A STEM student’s view on society culture

If you interviewed the entirety of Trinity STEM students about their involvement in societies, I guarantee that many of the people who said they were active members of clubs or societies were also highly organised individuals. Either that or they have abandoned fretting over keeping up with non-urgent college work. Being part of a society, […]

Looking for society alumni

When asked about their first day on campus, few Trinity students would fail to mention the impressive and exciting Freshers’ Fair. Joining (too many) societies is a rite of passage into college. Society culture is a defining and much-advertised feature of life in Trinity. The consensus is that involving yourself in societies is a fundamental […]

Reflecting on my roots

I can’t remember exactly how I felt that day last September when I left home for the big city. I seem to recall a few odd details: the train was virtually empty, I snacked on dark chocolate, and I read the first seventy pages of Gulliver’s Travels. Advanced reading, I know. I guess I started […]


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