Schols: to try or not to try?

The 2018 Scholarship Exams are coming up in less than two months and those of us who decided to sign up have probably already questioned our life choices as we stare at a mound of special reading that seems like it was written by a man who swallowed a thesaurus and hadn’t seen daylight in […]

House Parties vs Clubs

Enter into a world in which floors and fingers are sticky, decent shoes will be made filthy, clothes will be sloshed with beer and elbows will be plunged into vulnerable places. Darkness will be pierced by the intermittent blink of colourful lights. The repetitive beat of music will drown out your best attempts at conversation, […]

Thanksgiving in the Global Room

Thanksgiving is an American holiday on the fourth Thursday of November every year. It is a time to gather with friends and family to eat food, give thanks, and prepare for the onslaught of the holiday season. This can be a difficult time for international students, particularly Americans, who can’t be home with their families […]

Refugee Week not a priority for the SU and students

“You only leave home when home won’t let you stay.” These are the words of Warsan Shire, a British/Somali poet, that echoed throughout The Attic on the final morning of Refugee week. We sat in a subdued circle, ignoring the tremors in each other’s voices as we read aloud these pleas to humanity, these odes […]

My life with ADHD

October was Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder Awareness (ADHD) month, and in the spirit of discussing mental health, I’ll tell you three short stories.   One day in July 2016, I was finally determined to have Autistic Spectrum Disorder, after many, many years of misdiagnosis, watching J.J in Skins and reading The Curious Incident of the […]

Ambitious debuts astound at PIPS showcase

Michaelmas term has certainly been an eventful and action-packed semester in terms of Players Introductory Programme (PIPS) productions. The plays written and performed by members of PIPS are always of a tremendously high standard and this group of students certainly did not disappoint. The majority of these plays were written by Senior Freshmen students, however, […]

VisArts to welcome world renowned artist Michael Craig-Martin

Trinity’s Visual Arts society, or VisArts, is welcoming the world renowned artist Michael Craig-Martin to Trinity today, November 23. The talk, which will be held in the Emmet Theatre, is set to be an enthralling one.   From his beginnings in Dublin, his learnings in Yale University and his teachings in London, Craig-Martin has had […]

Brexit Panel fascinates at GMB

On Tuesday evening the Politics Society and the Trinity College Law Review (TCLR) hosted a panel discussion on Brexit in the GMB. The event was well attended, with much excited conversation before the start.   Speaking first was Gina Miller, the founder of the True and Fair Campaign and the chief litigant against the Secretary […]

Aslan receive the Historical Society’s Burke Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Public Discourse through the Arts

As the men from Ballymun and Finglas took their seats, Christy Dignam led the conversation and explained the origins of the group. Dignam and lead guitarist Joe Jewell were ‘working as telephone technicians at the time’.   Billy McGuinness who was a baker, rehearsed with the band in drummer Alan Downey’s house on the condition […]

Pulp fiction at the Lighthouse

As the dark evenings stretch longer and longer accompanied by the bitter frost of winter nights, I’ve slowly discovered that my will to “go out” is diminishing alongside the dusky and mystic weather of autumn.   No longer was I prepared to face the streets of Dublin, clad in a frock and heels- at least […]


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