Back to the 80s, Freshers’ style

As an institution over 400 years old, Trinity has seen seas of freshers walk through its gates over the decades, each one experiencing their own Freshers’ Week for the first time.   We pride ourselves on our traditions and history, so it seems fitting to glimpse into the recent past of 1981 and ask graduates […]

The other side of Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ Week is billed as being the best week of a new student’s life; a time to reinvent yourself, buy a crumpled denim jacket and pretend you enjoy cans of Prazsky at the Pav – but what happens when the expectations don’t live up to what can be an overwhelming, nerve-wracking time?   As a lot […]

Far from Front Square: a Freshers Week abroad

For the majority of returning students, Freshers’ Week is a week of stability. A week which brings with it the unbeatable feeling of walking into Front Square for perhaps the first time in months, bumping into freshly tanned friends and throwing yourself back into Dublin living.   However, we often forget about the people who […]

Trad, Pop and Players- Philleadh ar an gCóisir

For the third night of F R E S H, DTwo provided an unlikely home for the halfway point of the TCDSU Ents Freshers’ Week lineup; Philleadh ar an gCóisir. Ents, An Cumann Gaelach and The Phil joined forces to present an ‘ancient Irish extravaganza’, with Le Galaxie and TradSoc providing the entertainment for the […]

The Magician and Wild Youth take to the stage at Freshers’ Ball 2017

After the lavish halls of Cafe En Seine were transformed into a retro rave by TCDSU Ents on Monday, they really outdid themselves by throwing the biggest freshers ball in the country on Tuesday night in the Academy as part of their “F R E S H” series. This definitely was the largest and most […]

Freshers’ ball appalls and enthrals

If you’ve ever wondered what the last days of Rome were like, you’re probably a Classics student. If, on the other hand, you aren’t a complete loser, you were probably at the big event of Freshers’ week, Trinity Ents’ Freshers’ Ball.   Held in Academy on Tuesday night, the Freshers’ Ball promised to be the biggest […]

Freshers’ Diary: Tuesday

Orla Murnaghan, Junior Freshman Law and Politics Freshers’ Week was in full swing on Tuesday as I arrived in the Front Square at noon. Everything was a magical whirl of kaleidoscopic colour in as I rushed for my first lecture, Introduction to the Law School, in the Davis Theatre.   The lecturers’ message was unequivocally […]

This House is Overworked and Undersexed — the Lawsoc Comedy Debate

LawSoc began the new college year on Tuesday with their inaugural comedic debate for Fresher’s Week, featuring full-time comedians and attended by a crowd eager to hear if students are truly ‘overworked and undersexed’.   Chairing the debate was Andrew Stanley; and, representing the proposition were a team of Trinity students, gathered from a range […]

Solving the housing crisis for neighbourhood birds and bees

Ever thought about building a little abode for your friendly neighbourhood birds and bees? Never got around to it because it seems just too hard, and a little too expensive? The DU ZooSoc and The Phil paired up on Tuesday to teach us a little something about the housing crisis the birds are currently facing […]

Freshers’ Diary: Monday

Eliana Jordon, Junior Freshman English Lit   Monday of Freshers Week is not for the faint of heart.   I was still on the mend from an early case of the notorious “freshers flu” and fighting a lingering hangover that seems customary if one is to fully ingratiate oneself in the Dublin nightlife scene. Armored […]


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