Where we were: what was in Trinity News headlines 50 years ago?

Fifty years ago, life on campus seemed a little more hectic than nowadays – the front page of a 1967 issue of Trinity News reports several cases of students involved in stabbing and brawls – but the minds of student journalists were concerned with problems that still feed our interest today: the ever-strained relationship between […]

Are carefree student summers a thing of the past?

  There’s a strange pressure hanging in the air to find ever more interesting and exotic adventures to embark upon during summertime. From volunteering for 3 months in India, to  J1’s or fancy internships, everyone is fighting to do something bigger and better than the last. With such a huge expanse of time gifted to […]

Visit my city: Pune, India

“Oh, you’re Indian. Which city?” Mumbai is always my answer, only because it’s more famous. I’m going to tell you about an equally metropolitan city 150km from Mumbai: Pune. Pune, the city I call home, has something to offer to everyone. Whether you want to party, eat good food, be peaceful and meditate or just […]

The other side of a student Christmas

Christmas should be the most wonderful time of the year. Except, all I can think about is returning home to to a city filled with negative memories. My parents, on the other hand, are counting the days until they see me again.   Do not get me wrong, I do miss them, my family and […]

Cheap drinks around Dublin: Smithfield and Phibsborough

Sometimes the trek into town is just too much- the price of the taxi, the outrageously long queues, the same tunes night in and night out. Every now and again, you just need a change. So to save you the trouble of having to sieve through you local pubs and clubs, we asked residents of […]

The hidden gem of the GMB

For all the societies Trinity has to offer, sometimes it feels like none of them fit. Although the options may seem extensive, from debating to frisbee to knitting, for many students it can feel as if they have yet to find a hobby.   The prospect of launching into a brand new activity for the […]

The politics and rivalries of societies

Whether you are part of them or not, it’s difficult to deny the role societies play in our college lives. For many Trinity students, societies are the first part of college life they encounter.   Walking through Front Gate during Freshers’ Week, you’re met with a myriad of brightly coloured stalls and signs representing all […]

A bit of Christmas magic with the Trinity Choir

Last Wednesday, the University of Dublin Choral Society offered us an opportunity to bask in the holiday atmosphere with their annual Christmas concert. After a successful performance of Mozart’s Requiem last November, Trinity’s largest and oldest Choir was back with another delightfully classical musical treat.   This year’s concert was a new venture for the choir, as […]

How-to guide: a student Christmas dinner party

There are three important things to consider when planning any dinner party; cost, time and how much you actually care. That considered, the following tips are designed to help you host the perfect Christmas dinner on a student budget.   Tip 1: Decorating The key here is keeping decorations minimal, cheap and functional. Christmas crackers […]

A Christmas job — worth it or not?

As we enter December and journey closer to Christmas, any cash we can scrape together must be used for something other than buying cans and tobacco. Whether your course has dragged you into yet another Secret Santa exchange or you simply feel inclined to spread holiday cheer through commercialised gifts, you realise that money is […]


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