KeepAppy: An app’s journey to improving mental wellness

According to the World Health Organisation, one in every four people in the world will suffer with a mental health disorder in their lifetime – that’s 1.9 billion people. Students in Ireland are no different, with College reporting a 46% increase in incoming students with a mental health condition for the academic year 2016/17. With mental […]

Avoiding the FOMO on campus

Too often, the fear of missing out (FOMO) is caricatured as le Mal du Siècle (the evil of the century) of the supposedly shallowest generation ever: ours. In the early 19th century, European students were disillusioned and melancholic because, being born too late, they had missed the chance to take part in the French Revolution […]

Hist honorary members debate Foot’s trolley problem

Dani Reynolds once stated that “intellectuals debate and idiots just argue.” What occurred in the GMB yesterday evening under the seasoned banner of the Hist, as honorary members revisited their old stomping ground, was undoubtedly the product of the former.   Although the chamber debate is a staple in the weekly calendar of one of […]

This week in Trinity: Pinatas, Politics and Quidditch

It’s week 10 in Trinity and Health and Sports week, which after a sinful Paddy’s weekend is probably a good idea. Check out the sports center for a variety of activities and classes that will take place over the week which are all free.   At 5pm this evening DUGES are holding a women in […]

Free seats on campus

You emerge from the pokey classroom, leaving the TA in your wake. You just about made it through the tutorial, despite not having read the text ‒ God bless SparkNotes. You breathe a sigh of relief, but the exertion has taken it out of you. You couldn’t possibly comprehend a trip to the library after […]

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader

If you can read this, thank a teacher. It may be something we all take for granted, but at one point or another in our lives somebody has had to teach us the fundamental skill of reading. This person may have been anyone; a mother, a grandfather, a school teacher.   Although for some, reading […]

How to support a friend

Mental health is inarguably one of the greatest struggles of our generation. It can be particularly difficult when you know a friend is going through a tough patch. Should you ask them about their problems? Where do the boundaries lie between friendship and invading one’s personal privacy? What can you do for someone? These are […]

The Law Soc maidens final

Commencing at 7pm on Tuesday the 13th of March, the final of the McCann FitzGerald Natalie Forde Memorial Competition proved to be a fierce battle between eight of the most talented first-year debaters.   Hosted by Trinity’s Law Society and named in memory of their former auditor, who was the unfortunate victim of a car […]

This week in Trinity: all about self love

As the last remains of snow melts off campus and Dublin Bus finally restarts all of its routes, we welcome in another week in college. At this point, the wild rush of assignments has hit; the stress has set in. But fear not, we have another exciting, fun-filled week coming up in Trinity to distract […]

Tales of Survival and Calls to Action at TEDx Conference

Innovation, perseverance, and positivity were just some of the themes front and centre at the 2018 TEDxTCD conference, held on Wednesday in the Science Gallery. Founded just last year, TEDx is a new society to Trinity, but it has already found its feet as being one of the foremost sources of motivational speaking on campus. […]


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