Interview: Behind the scenes of Trinitones’ Ignition

Trinity News sat down with Trinitones’ Neil Dunne to discuss the release of their most recent cover, R Kelly’s “Ignition”. On the second wind following their rendition of “Teenage Dirtbag”, the group decided to build upon their success by releasing a new video annually, having covered “After the Storm” and “Stacy’s Mom” to date.   The video, […]

Review: ‘Someone You Love’ photography exhibition

Down the crooked roads which trail off Camden street, I find myself passing an endless stream of quaint brick houses, remnants of Dublin’s Georgian past. The area which surrounds the Copper House Gallery is authentic, antiquated one could say. Smoke hangs in the air, belched from the mouths of a sea of chimneys straight from […]

Harry Potter filmmaker David Yates at the Phil

At 4pm on Tuesday, filmmaker David Yates addressed a packed room in the GMB having been awarded the Medal of Honourary Patronage by The Phil. Yates is best known for directing the final four instalments in the infamous Harry Potter film series, as well as the highly anticipated ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, […]

FRESH to the Cobblestones: DU General Science Society

This year has seen the introduction of many new societies with one of those being the DU General Science Society.   Speaking about their formation, Public Relations Officer Conor Rossi explained that “most courses have their own society, English has the LitSoc and B.E.S.S. have DUBES and while there are societies dedicated to different branches […]

Review: This House Believes Beauty is a Beast

Feminists of Trinity stepped up to the podium at Phil’s and DU Gender Equality Society’s debate ‘This House Believes Beauty is A Beast’ on Thursday evening. Members of the Phil made their verdict known by almost unanimously shouting ‘yeah’ to the motion.   Novice Phil debater Coco Millar opened the discussion excellently, utilising humour to drive […]

Five eats for a fiver

Finding something to eat between lectures that won’t break the bank and is also close to college is a struggle for many freshers. In the middle of Dublin city centre, grabbing a cheap yet decent lunch can prove a challenge. However, seasoned second years like myself have done the dirty work and researched the restaurants. […]

TCDSU’s Know Your Union Week

       “I suppose we brought “Know Your Union Week” into play to make our positions, and the union itself, more accessible.”  “Freshers’ week isn’t over” is the leading line in the Students’ Union’s introduction to their new campaign week, “Know Your Union”,  a fresh addition to the student calendar this year. With no […]

A spicy review of spicy burritos

  Mexican rice, pinto beans, chicken, plenty of sour cream, cheese – the staple of my student diet.       Burrito bars have taken Dublin by storm and have established themselves as a cornerstone of student food and socializing. To say that I like burritos would be to say that Cristiano Ronaldo likes the […]

Diary of a Fresher

  Friday 23 September Yasmin Underwood, Junior Freshman English and Classics:      Moving from the forty-degree heat in the sandpit that is Dubai to the quaint metropolis of Dublin which features (what feels like) sub-zero temperatures has certainly been interesting, and has involved more than just a shock to my core body temperature. Having had […]

Diary of a Fresher

Thursday 22 September   Étáin Sweeney,  Junior Freshman Law and Political Science: Thursday was kicked off by the infamous ‘Fresher’s Flu’ pestering my sleepy head in the early hours of the morning. Not a sound resonated through the Halls courtyard, save for the occasional pitter patter of disorientated heels clumsily dashing from house to house. I […]


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