Brexit Panel fascinates at GMB

On Tuesday evening the Politics Society and the Trinity College Law Review (TCLR) hosted a panel discussion on Brexit in the GMB. The event was well attended, with much excited conversation before the start.   Speaking first was Gina Miller, the founder of the True and Fair Campaign and the chief litigant against the Secretary […]

Aslan receive the Historical Society’s Burke Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Public Discourse through the Arts

As the men from Ballymun and Finglas took their seats, Christy Dignam led the conversation and explained the origins of the group. Dignam and lead guitarist Joe Jewell were ‘working as telephone technicians at the time’.   Billy McGuinness who was a baker, rehearsed with the band in drummer Alan Downey’s house on the condition […]

Pulp fiction at the Lighthouse

As the dark evenings stretch longer and longer accompanied by the bitter frost of winter nights, I’ve slowly discovered that my will to “go out” is diminishing alongside the dusky and mystic weather of autumn.   No longer was I prepared to face the streets of Dublin, clad in a frock and heels- at least […]

Derek Scally speaks to Germanic Soc

On Thursday evening last, a large crowd of students and lecturers alike assembled in an Arts Block lecture theatre to listen to Irish Times Berlin correspondent, Derek Scally, discuss the current and eccentric political happenings in Germany, a much-anticipated event organised by Germanic Soc.   The evening began with welcoming comments from the president of […]

This week in Trinity: Refugee Week and Global Perspectives

Trinity College Dublin, a place where minds are opened everyday to an array of revolutionary thoughts and ideas which shape the world around us. A multi cultural campus where students of all nationalities and backgrounds mix, both academically and socially. A university that prides itself on its international connections with other universities across the world. […]

Innovation, ideas and illumination

Tell us a bit about your background. How did you get started with Greener Globe? Greener Globe began as a Transition Year project back in 2014 in our school in Tullamore, Offaly. It started just as any other mini company; with a pair of students brainstorming in the back of a classroom. We wanted to […]

Stand up and be heard

TEDx Trinity held a “How to give a TED talk” in the Global room yesterday to a full audience. It was delivered by Ben Butler who had given a talk at the TEDx Trinity event last year. He followed the protocol for giving a TED talk by   TEDx is a program of self-organized […]

A letter to… Trinity regarding increasing fees

  Dear Trinity,   I love you. I just wanted to start out that way so you know that the rest of this letter is written from a place of love.   This September, the College’s Finance Committee approved a 5% increase in fees for postgraduate and non-EU undergraduate students beginning in the 2018/2019 academic […]

Sun, surf and snow

Every year more and more societies are adding international trips to their calendars. It is easy to understand why the appeal of a well-hyped annual trip abroad can attract huge amounts of new members to the society during Freshers’ Week. Some societies have become better known for their annual trip abroad than the rest of […]

Visit my City: Marseille

Before 2004, Marseille, though located in a splendid harbour of the Mediterranean coast and boasting a substantial heritage as the oldest city in France, could not be deemed a tourist spot. Its inhabitants, les Marseillais, were reduced to demeaning cliches and caricatured nationwide as heavy-accented, destitute football hooligans.   Then, Plus belle la vie (Life’s […]


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