What’s on this week: Post-reading week events

As we return from Reading Week to realisation of how little reading we actually completed, week 8 offers us a variety of events to distract us. This week is TCDSU Rainbow Week, a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, and there are over 30 events taking place. Highlights include “Know Your GAY-bour” in the Panti Bar […]

What do students really think about Christmas exams?

Although the announcement was made by the Students’ Union last year, the reality of Christmas exams did not become tangible until a few weeks ago when every student was greeted with an email welcoming us with semesterisation from next year onwards. The email was a bit vague about the whole thing, focusing more on the […]

Piece a’ Hannigan

Wearing an appropriately Halloween-esque, long black dress, Lisa Hannigan breezed into the debate chamber of the GMB on October 31st to speak to DU Music society. She received a plaque recognising Irish artists and their contribution to the Irish music scene. Hannigan also received two Seamus Heaney first editions from the society. The discussion was […]

Terrific Thrills in Tramline

After a particularly unenjoyable night in Tramline all the way back in Freshers’ Week I was unsure of what to expect from a night that had been labelled as “Notorious”. Thankfully my fears were unfounded as we all rocked to both new club remixes and old favourites, which kept everyone dancing happily until well into […]

This week in Trinity: Samhain, space jam and scares

With our long-awaited Reading Week finally within sight, this week presents a perfect opportunity to make the most of an array of excellent society events before we all retreat back home to enjoy a few days of lie-ins and inevitable procrastination from all of the college work we’ve been putting off all term. With Hallowe’en […]

A letter to… my bike

Dear Síle,   You might scoff and brand me a cliché-abuser but from the moment I laid eyes upon you, nestled amongst lesser vehicles in ‘Big Nigel’s Bike Shop’ on the Tuam Road, I knew you were the one. You were weather beaten, with some enduring imprints from a previous, gruelling existence, and yet I […]

Looking after number one

On Tuesday of TCDSU Welfare’s Mental Health Week, DUGES, Envirosoc and DU Meditation hosted a “Burn-out and Self-Care Workshop”.   Before leaving the room, every student that took part in the workshop expressed his or her gratitude in having taken some time to reflect upon the important yet often neglected issue of self-care, to talk […]

Alternative things to do for Halloween

In our nightlife-centred student culture, it can be difficult to find a way to enjoy your Halloweeen weekend that doesn’t involve overpriced drinks and techno, but there’s still an array of slightly spine-chilling things to do on All Hallow’s Eve.   Binge watch series two of Stranger Things on Netflix Let me recap on where […]

Take charge: Mental Health Week with TCDSU

Mind yourselves and others around you. Look after your thoughts and feelings. Mental health is a topic that undeniably receives a lot of chat yet simultaneously is greeted with misunderstanding and insensitivity. As we head into Mental Health Week, Trinity has organised a wide variety of enjoyable events as well as workshops to not only […]

A day in the life

The Arts Student Name: Aislinn Brennan Course: World Religions & Theology Year: Junior Sophister   Morning With World Religions being a course of few hours, I’m typically in town for 10.30am to make an 11am lecture. That’s just enough time to walk across College, get a coffee and reach my lecture in time without breaking […]


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