Giddy goats on campus

Tuesday afternoon saw the arrival of a llama, goats, rabbits, and other furry creatures to Trinity, hosted by the DU AgSoc’s petting farm. For an entry fee of €2 joyous students were invited to pet, hold, and take selfies with the animals on the Chemistry Lawn, right behind the Pav.   “Animals can offer therapeutic […]

The life of a student insomniac

It is 4am as I am writing this. Most people have drifted into a sweet slumber but being a nocturnal creature means I am wide-eyed and very much awake. For most people, when they hear the word insomnia they think of the popular coffee chain, but for me it is something I struggle with nearly […]

Hidden gems of the Hamilton

Found on the west end of campus and facing students strolling homebound towards Pearse Station, the Hamilton building stands as a modern marker of Trinity. As we begin the new year, the Hamilton approaches its 24th year in use since its opening in 1994. While it lacks the opulence of the older parts of Trinity, […]

The leading ladies of Trinity’s Elizabethan Society

When I hit the stalls for Freshers’ Week, like most students, I joined as many societies as possible – most of which I have yet to turn up to. Every year, almost like a ritual, students waste money in a bid to become as active in student life as possible. Today, we take this for […]

New year, same lazy me

Nothing quite signifies the New Year like running through the sweaty crowds of whatever pub or nightclub you’re jammed in, desperately hiding from the poor soul chasing you in a vain attempt to “seal the deal” with a midnight kiss. It’s as you finally glimpse the safe shadows of the bathroom that the clock chimes […]

This week in Trinity: Quidditch, Battle of the Bands and a petting farm

It’s the first week of Hilary Term and to ease us back into the new term, societies across campus have a range of events lined up. From the usual controversial debates to wild nights out and even a petting farm, there’s something for everyone. This week is also Refreshers Week, which means there is a […]

What’s hot and what’s not on campus

What’s Hot Course hoodies If you’re a Fresher then let me tell you, this is the coolest piece of clothing you’ll ever wear in your college career. Forget what older students say about wearing a course hoodie with a genius slogan, your pulling power has just skyrocketed. Maybe even wear it to DTwo or Coppers […]

Where we were: what was in Trinity News headlines 50 years ago?

Fifty years ago, life on campus seemed a little more hectic than nowadays – the front page of a 1967 issue of Trinity News reports several cases of students involved in stabbing and brawls – but the minds of student journalists were concerned with problems that still feed our interest today: the ever-strained relationship between […]

Are carefree student summers a thing of the past?

  There’s a strange pressure hanging in the air to find ever more interesting and exotic adventures to embark upon during summertime. From volunteering for 3 months in India, to  J1’s or fancy internships, everyone is fighting to do something bigger and better than the last. With such a huge expanse of time gifted to […]

Visit my city: Pune, India

“Oh, you’re Indian. Which city?” Mumbai is always my answer, only because it’s more famous. I’m going to tell you about an equally metropolitan city 150km from Mumbai: Pune. Pune, the city I call home, has something to offer to everyone. Whether you want to party, eat good food, be peaceful and meditate or just […]


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