Anonymous thoughts on.. TCDSU

What’s been firing up the kids lately? Climate change? Blasé. Trump? Dead horse. North Korea? God, I hope not.   No, nothing gets the ball rolling in student circles more than the friendly faces down at House Six. But since only the loudest voices get heard, which in this day and age are the people […]

A letter to… my parents

Dear parents,   I sit writing this as I sip my skinny cappuccino in this new very hipster hidden gem I found on a corner of southside Dublin that you’ll never be able to find. It’s a college thing Mum; casual coffees and lounging lectures.   As another year of University begins in the big […]

Is violence the answer?

The Philosophical Society held their weekly debate on Thursday night, with the motion: This House Would Meet Bigotry with Violence. Before the debate I was feeling slightly torn as to which side I was on, however I left the debate without a doubt in my mind that I firmly oppose the motion.   The debated […]

Cinderella: A Contemporary Rendition of a Timeless Tale

Cinderella: A tale of love at first sight, the chaos of societal expectations and the grandeur of romanticized patriarchy in the form of a happily ever after. While William Dunleavy’s direction offered each of these traditional aspects, there is much more to be said about the classic fairy tale told from a contemporary perspective. Beyond […]

Give back, get back

Getting involved with societies is integral to many students’ college life, however, for many of us, the thought of having to commit extra hours to clubs and societies, on top of our already hectic schedules, is one we really don’t need as we try to balance jobs , a social life and scraping that elusive […]

Visit my city: Phoenix, Arizona

Between the months of March and November, the first thing you notice upon leaving Phoenix airport is how hot it is. Compared to the air conditioned inside, stepping out into the world feels very much like stepping face-first into an oven. Though I complain about this, it’s a feeling in which I take great comfort, […]

Starry night at Van Gogh premiere

It was a night filled with wine, bacon fries and of course, Van Gogh. On Monday, at 6pm, I found myself on the top floor of House 6, sipping on a glass of red wine with a few friends. But that was only the early stages, and the night was still young.   The Visual […]

Players, Positivity and Pantos: An Interview with James Patrice Butler

James Patrick Butler, aka James Patrice, is a Dublin blogger, presenter, actor, stylist and fashion writer. Last week, he met with our Projects Editor, Aoifé McColgan, to discuss his time in Trinity, his success thus far and his exciting plans for the future. . Having started his blog and Snapchat after being bored due to […]

Less chaos, more to experience

As the dust falls on the now distant memory of Freshers’ Week many of us have now started to turn away from society events and nights out and retreat to the hallowed halls of the Usher and Berkeley to make a start on that reading that we’ve promised ourselves we will actually attempt this year. […]

A time for change?

Last night’s Hist debate on whether or not the two state solution between Israel and Palestine should be abandoned promised to be an intense one, and it certainly did not disappoint. After going through the usual society business, everyone settled down to listen to what was an intriguing debate.   The proposition argued that a […]


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