Option 2 campaign team sanctioned by Electoral Commission

The group will be banned from campaigning online from 9pm tonight to 9pm tomorrow night

The “Option 2 is the Best for You” campaign group has been sanctioned today by the Electoral Commission for posting campaign materials in areas that were not SU allocated noticeboards. The group will be banned from campaigning online from 9pm tonight to 9pm tomorrow night.


“Option 2 is the Best for You” campaign manager, Laura Beston, said: “Option 2 made an executive decision to inform the student body about the preferendum and why they should vote option 2. The SU have done great work on trying to educate students on this preferendum. We’ve really got to commend them on how much the preferendum has been mentioned.”

Beston continued: “However, after polls we knew that students weren’t engaging, and who could blame them? The preferendum is filled with too many complicated terms, wording and options. Students deserve a clear stance in the fight against supplemental fees. Once the vote happens this is all out of hands. We need to make this count.”


The preferendum on supplemental exam fees and modular billing is taking place alongside the annual Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) sabbatical officer elections.


Schedule 3 of TCDSU’s Constitution outlines election regulations and dates. 

Niamh Lynch

Niamh Lynch

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