Proudly Announcing- The New TN School of Journalism Initiative!

Good morning world. Happy Monday. To brighten up what may otherwise be a rainy, caffeine-fuelled start to the week, we have some very exciting news. Trinity News is very proud to announce the launch of the Trinity News School of Journalism, a brand new set of speakers, workshops and masterclasses aimed at developing the talents of Trinity’s burgeoning pool of talented journalists. There are hundreds of enthusiastic reporters, braodcasters and photographers in Trinity with various levels of experience, and we decided it was high time to get every single one of them involved in covering the events they’re passionate about and the issues that matter to them. A very, very long time ago, I was Opinion editor for UT and kept running into the same problems; plenty of very talented students wanted to write, but had no experience doing so and were nervous about the admittedly scary business of submitted articles to be evaluated by a group of strangers, and a smaller group of students who’d gotten into college journalism early and were happy to submit, but frustrated that they weren’t developing as writers or given oppourtunities to learn.

We reckon both problems can be tackled at once. We want to provide workshops, seminars and masterclasses at every level, giving every interested student the tools and confidence to cover the issues that matter to them. It’s your newspaper after all, and not very useful if we aren’t covering the stories that matter to every part of the population. If you’ve written already, brilliant- we want you to keep writing, to push yourself, to take on stories you didn’t think you could, using techniques you didn’t know existed. If you like writing, try radio. If you’ve never picked up a camera, now’s the time to learn how to capture the images that make a great story. It’s getting easier and easier to find great information and we want every student to have every tool they need to turn that information into cutting-edge journalism.

In that vein, we’re very excited to introduce our first speaker. Malachy Browne is a News Editor at Storyful and Editor of, an authority on innovative digital content and sifting news from social media. He’s coming along on Tuesday the 12th of February for a chat about all the outstanding news sources available to anyone with a laptop and how great scoops can, increasingly, be found by anyone at any level, even a student in a computer lab. We’ll learn how to find that information, verify it, and repackage it into great digital and print content.

Tell your friends, tell your neighbours, like our Facebook page, and join our event. Do get in touch if you have any questions, comments or suggestions and come along on Tuesday night. We’re excited and hope you are too.



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