How I came to terms with my sins

Even when we leave our Catholic faith behind, the old moral preoccupations and worries often remain.

commentBANNERPope France was pontificating recently about the number of Catholics who were sinning every day. The sin that bothered him this time was disrespect of the elderly. Neglecting the elderly can have “hellish” effects, he warns. My initial thought after …


Kant or coffee: the value of procrastination

Can the true value of university education ever come exclusively from the classroom? Or is a certain amount of frivolity necessary in order to fully develop your thoughts, opinions and express them coherently?

As I flop over delicately in my bed, the sunlight lightly caresses my face and my skin tingles with anticipation of another delightful day as a student in Trinity College Dublin. I gather my thoughts and manoeuvre myself out of …