What Trinity means to me, and what I mean to College, as a graduate

Last week, in my first act as a Trinity College alumnus, I requested my graduate reader’s card for the library. It came within five working days. In my first act as a graduate reader, I then requested a book from stacks. Even though I was told that I had missed the morning call for requests, […]

Ghosts of Poetry Readings Past

D. Joyce-Ahearne’s hatchet job of a reactionary cultural critic: his past self.

Where writers come together

Cave Writings is quickly becoming the focal point for Dublin’s young literary set, according to its Trinity founder.

A final positive note

A positive to reflect on, and look forward to, is the election of an SU that looks like the most dynamic and interesting I’ve seen so far in Trinity.

Consent is not the last word in combating male sexual entitlement

By focusing solely on consent, we run the risk of failing to strike at the heart of received ideas of male sexual entitlement.

Don’t rush into college

Having to pick a path that will lead you to the rest of your life is a terrifying and bizarre idea.

Gender expression in Trinity

The reality of gender identity in Trinity is stagnant, despite its recently launched Gender Expression and Identity Policy.

SU move to broaden criteria for LGBT rights officer criticised

The move has been criticised for potentially leading to the criteria for the SU’s LGBT rights officer being widened.

Struggle is not about respectability

The people who fought in the Rising – as well those protesting last week against water charges – were not “respectable”.

Fail, succeed, try again

D Joyce Ahearne reflects on the significance of student life


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