Éire Amach? An Investigation

Euroscepticism – a criticism or strong opposition towards the European Union – continues to rise throughout Europe according to the latest Pew Research Center statistics. The result of the British referendum in favour of leaving the EU has raised many questions concerning the future of the European Union, and has triggered fears of a resultant […]

The key to understanding the future of economics lies in the past

Almost a decade has passed since the onset of the great recession which caused enormous damage to the world economy, both in its initial onslaught, and from ill-considered policy responses which have often proved to be nothing short of folly.   This crisis brought a well-deserved public ridicule and criticism of the profession of economics; […]

Whose recovery is it, anyway?

Conor Scully argues that the pro-business, pro-growth attitude pushed by Fine Gael leaves out students and workers and furthers inequality

Trinity Economic Forum draws to a close with clashing opinions by Paddy Cosgrave and Vernon Smith

Speaking exclusively to Trinity News professor Smith praised the strength of the Irish economic “comeback”, although he lamented the practise of bank bailouts and guarantees that took place

Paddy Cosgrave, David McWilliams, Vernon Smith and more announced for 2016 Trinity Economic Forum

The student organised weekend event is this year sponsored by the National Treasury Management Agency and Mazars

College Historical Society and the Student Economic Review host Angus Deaton

The Nobel Prize winning economist said that rising inequality is contributing to an increase in American mortality rates

TTIP of the Iceberg?

Feidhlim McGowan talks through the secrecy and doubt surrounding the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Paul Krugman at Trinity: “My side has been proven right”

Credit: Aifric Ni Chriodain

Visiting the University Philosophical Society, Professor Krugman was met with a standing ovation and heavy applause.


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