When the water is safer than the land

Off the idyllic Greek shores of Lesbos, refugees are clambering for safe entry into the EU

The Greek island of Lesbos has long been a popular choice for people wishing to escape the continent to holiday in its picturesque scenery while tanning on one of its many sandy beaches. However, as of recent years, Lesbos has


Syriza victory signifies monumental change

European political parties similar to Syriza could receive far greater popular support if it manages to have Greece’s debt written down and run the country without the austerity that has been sold to the Greek population.

comment1One of the most widely prevalent themes in reporting on Syriza’s victory in Greece is a vaguely defined sense that this marks the beginning of something important. Varying from article to article, we are told that this could indicate the …


Reflections on the rise of Syriza

The significance of Sunday’s Greek elections may not be in economic policy, but rather what it says about wider changes in Europe politically.

comment1Greece is yet again the centre of attention in European political and economic discussion, and again seems to be something of focal point for a much wider crisis. On Sunday, Greece will hold a general election for the third time …

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