Eating healthily is a forgotten privilege

Examining the economics of eating healthily lends new meaning to the phrase “your health is your wealth”

Being a student in a university comes with many benefits, a huge one being how easily
accessible just about everything becomes. But probably the most convenient aspect of this is how easily we can access fast food. In the time


The world is your gym

Bláithin Sheil gives you all the motivation to keep fit while avoiding costly gym memberships

Do you NEED to go to the gym this year? Is this the year you are finally going to start that barre class, and stick at it? Is this the year that fitness is not going to know what hit …


Health conscious or obsessed? The blurred line between healthy and control

Alice Whelan discusses the recent #A4 waist challenge and other “health” trends


The recent “A4 Waist challenge” trend, gaining popularity as a hashtag and fitness goal in China has sparked debate on social media, coming under fire as being an unhealthy goal and promoting body shaming. The challenge requires women to hold


Mind, body, spirit: beating autoimmune disease

I want to be an overall better, healthy individual with the wisdom that this illness is not who I am.

COMMENTIn my early twenties, I woke up one summer day feeling as though the tops of my hands were badly bruised. I figured I could have slept weirdly on my wrists, or perhaps I had typed or written too much …


“But where do you get your protein?”

Thinking of going vegan? Aaron Downey explains the things you need to prepare yourself for before you make your decision.

SCITECHThere is no one reason that a person may move towards a vegan diet. Many factors influence an individual’s decision; be it animal rights issues, environmental concerns or even health benefits. But one thing I’m sure everyone who has taken …


Why I’ve decided to ditch makeup

Not being able to feel my own painted face was a reminder that it was not really mine.

commentBANNERIt’s happened before, usually by accident. I’ve forgotten my bag, run out of a given product, or decided a particular occasion wasn’t worth the effort. But this is the first time since the start of secondary school that I’ve deliberately …