Trinity Professor Patrick Geoghegan hired as Taoiseach’s speechwriter

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has hired Professor Patrick Geoghegan, a Historian at Trinity College, to assist him in speechwriting, research and other issues. Prof. Geoghegan is on sabbatical in Trinity College and will be given a leave of absence to join Mr Varadkar’s staff.   Speaking to Trinity News, Professor Geoghegan said: “The details of the […]

Trinity celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

Trinity will host a series of events this week to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Trinity’s Long Room Library houses a copy of Martin Luther’s translation of the Old Testament and currently sits as part of an exhibition organised by the School of Histories and Humanities and the School of English entitled “Power […]

Ireland Welcomes?

Of late, there have been several campaigns focusing our attention on the plight of the refugee. TN recently published an article on the horrors of Calais, and the deplorable conditions daily faced by families and individuals there. From such articles, and campaigns such as DU Amnesty’s #IWelcome lobby, it has been made clear that Ireland […]

The key to understanding the future of economics lies in the past

Almost a decade has passed since the onset of the great recession which caused enormous damage to the world economy, both in its initial onslaught, and from ill-considered policy responses which have often proved to be nothing short of folly.   This crisis brought a well-deserved public ridicule and criticism of the profession of economics; […]

Trinity and the Rising

Jake Trant considers what role Trinity played during the Easter Rising 100 years ago.

History is harsh: Japan, the Second World War and east Asian politics

Aaron Matheson Reen explores the contentious legacy of the Second World War in Japan and its visible impact on East Asian politics.

1916 still poses a dilemma for the government parties and Fianna Fáil

Past heroes in the republican struggle for Irish freedom are succeeded by the republicans of later generations, not by the inheritors of the suppressors of that struggle or gombeen men and women.

The Great Famine Voices

Eva O’Brien takes a look at a Trinity-­led project aiming to bring the history of The Great Famine into the digital world.

“He was O’Donovan Rossa, you know the rest”

Liam Cowley delves into the adventurous and little known life of the Fenian Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa on the 100th anniversary year of his death.

The Hist auditor who sparked an uprising

Theobald Wolfe Tone and the rebellion of 1798 have more than a few Trinity connections. With his 252nd birthday passing last Saturday, Liam Cowley explores the life of the enigmatic leader.


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