Head to head

Put away your swimming costumes, no need to worry about burning or freckling as autumn is well and truly here, if the rain hadn’t already tipped you off. With autumn — or should that be fall, in keeping with the American theme — begins a new American National Football League season, full of hope and […]

Raising the bar

  It is hard not to be impressed by Aoife O’Sullivan, an Irish powerlifting record holder for her weight – having deadlifted 160kg, almost two-and-a-half times her body mass – who claims she only took up powerlifting by chance, and still insists that her academic life comes first. The care-free JS Irish and French Student […]

Play like a girl: Ladies GAA

Continuing his series on women in Trinity’s sporting world, Joel Coussins talks to three of the stars of Trinity’s Ladies Gaelic Football team: Deirdre Kennedy, a 3rd year MSIS student, Petra McCafferty and Michelle Peel, Senior Sophister Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy students respectively. How did you get into playing ladies football?   D: My town […]

A weekend away: Conversations that Matter

  Friday The email I received has instructed me to be in the Chaplaincy common room at 4pm, in order to catch a lift to Antrim, where the weekend’s events will transpire; however, being an anxious person and not wanting to be left behind I arrive at 2.30pm to be safe. As the hours pass […]

Holocaust Memorial Day commemorated in Front Square

Last Friday evening members of the college community gathered at the campanile to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp.   The candle-lit vigil was led by TCD Jewish society, and was begun with a brief explanation of the importance of Holocaust Memorial Day within the international Jewish community, and […]

Ruck the patriarchy

  “Once people watch us play, or talk to me about the game in more depth, they seem to respect us more, but you do have to try harder to convince people than you would for the men’s game.”   Rugby as a sport is ubiquitous at Trinity – partly due to the fact that […]

A poppy with any other aim

  “I couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of the headline of the Daily Record which read “James McClean in new poppy snub as West Brom star refuses to wear symbol”, which rather begs the question as to what the sports editor at the Record considers to be “new”..”   I begin this article with […]

‘Fight Like a Girl’ Charity Boxing Fundraiser

Over the course of our interview the most striking thing about Sean and Paddy Headon is their seemingly boundless ambition. “There was another company with similar idea, and we performed at one of their nights,” Sean tells me, “I just thought, ‘we could do this more professionally’. Also, we weren’t happy with what they were […]


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