How the sunshine might make me fail my exams

It’s 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon. You’re struggling through assignments, pondering the revision you ought to have started, or really any sort of work that a responsible college student would be doing at this time of year. Your phone lights up as a message appears in the group chat: “Pav, anyone?” About time. Like a […]

Views from House Six: Ethnic Minorities Officer

Dipo Adebisi, a Senior Freshman Engineer originally from Nigeria, proposed the creation of of Ethnic Minorities Part Time Officer (PTO) at the SU Council earlier this year. Then, after the motion was passed, Adebisi successfully ran for this position. When speaking about the “myriad of issues” that ethnic minorities face within Trinity, it came to […]

Magnified Societies: Through the lens with DUPA

  This week, Trinity Life is profiling College’s photography society, Dublin University Photography Association, otherwise known as DUPA. Speaking to Trinity Life, DUPA’s Visual Communications Officer, Lisa Murray, highlights the role the society plays in providing amateur photographers with a platform to continue their work during college. “It’s a way to keep up something you […]

The Phil Debate: Trinity vs Yale

Thursday evening, February 17, saw the GMB come alive with the witty discourse of a TCD vs Yale debate, jointly hosted by The Phil and the Student Economic Review. The motion put forward for the evening was, “This House Believes That Globalisation is Doomed”, with the Trinity team proposing.   Chair Adjudicator was radio and […]

Taking the road to Tullamore for Law Ball

This year, the annual Maples Law Ball undertook a move from the big city to the rolling countryside, taking place in Tullamore, County Offaly. The “jewel” in Trinity Law Society’s social calendar, this hotly anticipated event sold out at the reasonable price of €45, with students from all disciplines attending due to its famed reputation […]

Sizing Up SUAS: The Guys Behind the Green

 “Their primary message is one of empowerment, with their main ethos focused on a dedication to combating social issues through volunteering and activism”   We have all seen the green t-shirts out in force around campus during Freshers’ Week. We stopped to look at the pop-up exhibitions from the 8×8 Festival in October, and our […]

SU’s pro-decriminalisation of drugs stance: Talking to Students

In October of this year, the TCDSU Council voted for the adoption of a pro-decriminalisation of drugs stance by the Union. This motion originated from the SU Drugs Policy lobby group, who felt that this stance would encourage a more progressive approach to the policy on drugs in Ireland, perhaps similar to that of Portugal, […]

EU report finds 21% of Irish people believe sex without consent to be “ok”

The results of a recent Eurobarometer poll have brought to light the “alarming” attitudes towards sexual consent and assault in Ireland. The report was carried out in June and published yesterday to mark International Day to End Violence Against Women. It was taken by 1,002 people in Ireland.   With regards to consent, 21% of Irish people […]


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