Exam scripts constitues as personal data rules European Court of Justice

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that the exam script of an Irish student constitutes as personal data and should be allowed to be accessed by the student. The ECJ’s ruling follows over eight years of legal battles through the High Court and Supreme Court. Peter Nowak, who was a student of the […]

The law of the land

The functions of the law are to keep peace, shape moral standards, promote social justice, resolve disputes and protect the liberties and rights of a country’s citizens. But how do we decide the moral values that underpin these rules? Religion can provide, and has provided, lawmakers with a handy, pre-existing morality on which to base […]

King’s Inns Fellowship introduced for trainee barristers from disadvantaged backgrounds

Two aspiring barristers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds will be provided with financial, educational and professional support under a fellowship announced today by the Bar of Ireland.   The “Denham Fellowship” includes waived law library fees, remission of fees to the Barrister-at-Law degree programme at the Honorable Society of King’s Inns (HSKI) , and an annual […]

Why sell out?

The Big Four in the world of business, the Big Five in the world of law — any final year student knows what these terms mean. Multinational firms that have set up in Ireland for what some may consider questionable interests, looking to entice soon-to-be-graduates at every possible opportunity.   This interest is not unidirectional, […]

Trinity College Law Review Speaker Series – The Irish Judiciary: Origins, Culture, and Reform?

Driven by a passion for all things Irish and judicial, law students and others turned out in force last night for a panel discussion organised by the Trinity College Law Review at the GMB. The first event of the Law Review’s Distinguished Speaker series, ‘The Irish Judiciary: Origins, Culture, and Reform?’, considered various aspects of […]

Jeremy Paxman at Law Soc: Unafraid of saying exactly what he was thinking

The GMB’s peach interior walls began to bulge from the size of the crowd prior to Jeremy Paxman’s talk delivered to the Law Society last Friday, November 4. There was a peculiar uncertainty emerging in idle chatter overheard in snippets and spills. The same questions were being asked over and over again. “What he going […]

LawSoc Welcomes Making a Murderer Attorneys

LawSoc welcomed Dean Strang and Jerry Buting to a packed out Goldsmith hall to discuss their involvement with the Netflix series, Making a Murderer. The series, which premiered last December, centres around the case of Steven Avery who was convicted of murder in 2007. Strang and Buting were Avery’s legal counsel. Avery was wrongly convicted […]

Societies announce guest speakers for upcoming year

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin and singer-songwriter Kesha are among the guests due to visit some of Trinity’s biggest societies this year.   Dates have been confirmed for some of the guests, with others still to be confirmed.   Among Trinity College Law Society’s (Law Soc) confirmed guests are Dean Strang, the defence attorney for Steven […]


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