Magnified Societies: Vis Arts

    Since 1966, Trinity’s Visual Arts Society, or VisArts, has been bringing students together to appreciate the wonders of the artistic world. Throughout its sixty years, the society has celebrated artistic culture, and is a hidden gem within the packed society scene in Trinity. It provides an outlet for students who may not be […]

Why you should meditate your way towards your degree

Last September, we decided that second year would be the year we would get “involved”, as many students do. Granted, this was a very vague goal and we weren’t entirely sure what this so-called “involvement” would entail, but in the end we made it work. Oddly enough, the first opportunity that came our way was […]

Magnified societies: Tuning in with Trinity TV

“[…]it is not only desirable to have a handle on skills relating to producing media content, it is fast becoming necessary.”   Trinity TV (TTV) is a presence in college which deserves more recognition than it receives. For some students TTV is an elusive society, a mysterious entity you could miss in your four years […]

Magnified Societies: Through the lens with DUPA

  This week, Trinity Life is profiling College’s photography society, Dublin University Photography Association, otherwise known as DUPA. Speaking to Trinity Life, DUPA’s Visual Communications Officer, Lisa Murray, highlights the role the society plays in providing amateur photographers with a platform to continue their work during college. “It’s a way to keep up something you […]

Sizing Up SUAS: The Guys Behind the Green

 “Their primary message is one of empowerment, with their main ethos focused on a dedication to combating social issues through volunteering and activism”   We have all seen the green t-shirts out in force around campus during Freshers’ Week. We stopped to look at the pop-up exhibitions from the 8×8 Festival in October, and our […]

On target: Archery Soc

For those of you that don’t know, Trinity has its very own Archery Society, conjuring up images of a Hunger Games-esque training camp. However Archery Soc doesn’t pit students against one another in life or death situations to make you quiver. With an active social side as well as coached classes and tournaments, Archery Soc […]

Magnified societies: Straight to the core

Feeling the stretch with essays, assignments and group projects? Finding it hard to muster the motivation to venture inside the doors of the gym? Need a way to stay fit, relaxed and make pals all at the same time? Yoga Soc is your answer.   This week, I spoke to the Public Relations Office of […]

Magnified societies: Trinity Fashion Society

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of the most stylish, sophisticated society on campus – the Trinity Fashion Society. Describing themselves as an “exciting and active society at the heart of Trinity life”, this is a society that seeks to meet the needs of even the most demanding fashion diva, with […]

Magnified Societies: Q Soc

“We’re also the most active society on campus, as we have coffee hours every day and we arrange three events every week.”   Q: Could you introduce yourself and outline your role in Q Soc?   A: “I’m Kyle and I’m the Inclusion Officer. Basically that means I’m in charge of making sure that everyone […]


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