Have we forgotten what is it to show respect?

A woman never deserves to be attacked, so why is Kim Kardashian West being shamed?


On Sunday night, while staying in a rented apartment in Paris during Paris Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian West was robbed by two armed men who bound and gagged her before placing her in the bathtub and stealing $10 million worth

SOFIA welcomes Swedish ambassador

Spectre of Paris attacks hangs over Europe, claims Ulrika Sundberg

NEWSThe Society for International Affairs (SOFIA) welcomed the Swedish ambassador to Ireland, Ulrika Sundberg, to Trinity on Wednesday night. She noted that the memory of the terror attacks in Paris has had a profound effect on attitudes toward asylum seekers …


What are we going to do about terrorism?

ISIS want people to fear and hate Muslims. By giving into that, you are letting them win.


European attacks

Dear God. We are in amidst yet another terrorist attack in Europe. Those are the worst kind.

For one thing, they attract global attention. That’s not generally a bad thing, apart from the fact that it alters western


Returning to Trinity early will be difficult for students on Erasmus in France after Paris attacks

One student told that resuming studies in Trinity early is “not a viable option”


Trinity News has spoken to a number of Trinity students taking part in the Erasmus programme in France who have said that College has given them to understand that coming back to Trinity early for students who feel unsafe because


Summer Adventures

As memories of freedom and tans continue to fade, Trinity News speak to three students about their summer experiences.


With over 16,000 students, each with 4 months of freedom at their disposal, it is no surprise that some of Trinity’s very own have some very interesting stories to tell about their time away from Front Square. Trinity News spoke …