2014: The UN International Year of Crystallography

Luke McGuiness guides us through a lesser-known field of science that has had profound, yet under-appreciated influences. This year the clouds of obscurity part and crystallography steps up.

Wearable devices in medicine: ethical and legal implications

The technology behind remote sensors and wearable devices is racing forward, Hishaam Saumtally looks at whether the legal framework keep up?

Symmetrical snowflakes and chaotic crystals: The science behind the sneachta

With the festive season on the way, Dylan Lynch explores the science behind a white – or perhaps yellow – Christmas.

Science: In Brief

Science Editor, Gavin Kenny rounds up the latest science news.

Hallucinogens: cause or cure of mental illness?

Dylan Lynch explores the novel but potential powerfully use of hallucinogenic drugs in treating mental illnesses such as depression.

Irish hurricanes, landslides and tsunamis: a frightening forecast

As the sun sets on a summer to remember, Ailis O’Carroll considers the extremes of the Irish climate.

Loner planets and a one-way ticket to Mars

Patrick Hull brings us on a rollercoaster tour of Space, stopping off at rogue planet with no sun and touching down on the surface of Mars – with no prospect of return.

HSE tells woman with incurable neurological condition that losing her medical card would be her decision

Deputy Editor, Tommy Gavin reports on an incident where the HSE told a patient with motor neuron disease that losing her medical card would be her decision


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