Students must show solidarity with Trade Unions

  For the first time in years Trinity faces the prospect of industrial action. The current impasse between non-academic staff and College could be ended through a negotiated settlement; however, we cannot ignore the important implications of the policies College has been pursuing. Our article reports claims of an unofficial policy of replacing permanent positions […]

College is real, gut-wrenching, terrifying freedom

Last week a friend of mine, an incoming fresher in Law and Politics, messaged me: “My timetable is awfully sparse”, he said. He was referring to the 15 contact hours a week – a good number, in my estimation. “Welcome to college”, I said. If your degree ever brings you near the Arts Block, your […]

On being ‘religious’ in college

Perhaps one of the most wonderful experiences of being liberated into the college environment is the exposure to such an eclectic mix of interesting people, whether that is in lectures, the numerous student societies, or the endless mill of invitations to get-togethers. Fraternisation happens in the no-man’s-land between the various schools and disciplines; friendships are […]

Dealing with dyspraxia

In the wake of Dyspraxia Awareness Week, Doireann Dhufaigh writes about the challenges of living with this relatively unknown condition.

Ents needs to change

Comment Editor, William Foley discusses the issues surrounding the role of the Ents Officer and why it needs to be reformerd.

People before party tricks

Online Editor, Matthew Mulligan, assesses the Trinity graduates disillusioned with party politics who are trying to bring about change in the upcoming local elections.

Wwoofing in the wind

John Kennedy makes the case that the organic movement is a valiant but inevitably doomed resistance to industrial agriculture, drawing on his own experience volunteering on organic farms.

Q Soc celebrates anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality

Aonghus Ó Cochláin  Student Affairs Editor Amnesty director criticises lack of transgender rights  Speakers confident of victory in same-sex marriage referendum   Ireland’s history of institutionalisation means the country should “know the consequences of pretending people don’t exist,” Colm O’Gorman, the director of Amnesty International Ireland, has said. He made the comment in relation to […]

Departments facing crisis over staff shortages

Fears as staff in Arts & Humanities departments dwindle and importance placed on hiring through private funding.

The Student Doth Protest Too Little

In the wake of USI’s under-attended and under-reported October demonstration, any real change in the ways the youth organise must come directly from the students. InDepth Editor, D. Joyce-Ahearne, looks at how that can be done.


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