Volunteering abroad: who benefits?

Eva O’Brien delves into the world of volunteer programmes; the volunteers who choose to go abroad and the varied approaches organisations take in funding these journeys


Why do so many young Irish people choose to spend weeks in discomfort and heat, thrown into challenging circumstances, working often in an area in which they may have little or no experience?

This year, Suas sent 73 people abroad


Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court of India, Colin Gonsalves, speaks in GMB

Gonsalves spoke passionately about his belief in the power of constitutional law, saying that it is “a sword to attack injustice” and “a shield to protect the poor”

NEWSColin Gonsalves, Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India, spoke to Suas Trinity and Trinity FLAC on Monday evening about his experiences of constitutional law in India.

Gonsalves announced that he was “pleasantly surprised” by the same sex marriage …


Collaborating on ideas

The participants and organisers behind the Suas Ideas Collective speak about their projects, and hopes for social justice and environmental change.

FEATURES“We found ourselves doing a lot of things outside our comfort zone – in fact the whole thing was entirely out of our comfort zone!” Eoghan Martin grins, slightly sheepishly, across the table. He is speaking about his experience this …