Interview: Behind the scenes of Trinitones’ Ignition

Trinity News sat down with Trinitones’ Neil Dunne to discuss the release of their most recent cover, R Kelly’s “Ignition”. On the second wind following their rendition of “Teenage Dirtbag”, the group decided to build upon their success by releasing a new video annually, having covered “After the Storm” and “Stacy’s Mom” to date.   The video, […]

Colleges across Ireland add up to €1000 onto rents

    Rents for student residences across Ireland have increased by €1,000 on average this year.   Trinity Student Union’s Accommodation Services are under increased pressure from students who have been unable to find accommodation as a result of the increased rental costs. They have calculated that the demand for the service has risen by […]

“Unspeakable paragraphs and varsity punctuation”: When Samuel Beckett wrote for Trinity News

The short fiction From an Abandoned Work was originally published in these pages, however Beckett castigated the edit it received from Trinity News’ editorial staff. Tadgh Healy spoke with Danae Stanford who – as an editorial team member of the third volume of Trinity News in 1956 – had persuaded Beckett to publish in the young newspaper of his alma mater

Trinity Equality Fund awards 13 applicants

The fund focuses on equality issues relating to nine grounds of discrimination under Irish law

Trinity immunologists make breakthrough relating to vaccine immune-responses

A new adjuvant, key components in vaccines, called chitosan could pave the way for the future of vaccinations

DCU train trip causes controversy with Irish Rail

Rail said that the train was discovered to contain vomit, ‘other fluids’ and even a used condom.

Trinity Professor criticises Gender Bias in Social Work

A leading academic in the field of social work and an advisor to the National Director of Children and Family Services and the Department of Children and Youth affairs, according to the Irish Times, she described the Irish child protection work as being “extremely gendered”, commenting that as a result, “fathers are often not engaged with.”

Sustainable Fashion Show takes place as part of University Green Week

The entrants had been tasked with putting together an outfit using “upcycling” – reusing discarded objects or material in a way which creates something of a higher value- or using any other environmentally sustainable technique.

Presidential candidate Carty vows to donate €5,000 of his salary to TAP if elected

Speaking to Trinity News today, Carty showed his support for TAP. “It’s a great initiative”, he stated and although it “doesn’t affect [him] personally”, he expressed that he wished to “lead by example”

Trinity to create virtual reality game for military training

The project will try to increase the effectiveness of militaries, police and civilian actors working together in ‘preventing conflict’


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