The tortured mind

As individuals, few of us will ever experience the stressor states inflicted on torture victims with the goal of retrieving information.  It is difficult for our empathy to extend to these extremities of suffering, leaving us with a poor understanding of what torture does to a person. However this activity, which has pervaded human society […]

The end of the J1 will be a tragedy

Just days after returning from my summer on a J1 visa in the US, I received an email from my American sponsors, Interexchange, asking me to take action to help save the J1 Visa. They wrote that “elimination of these programs would keep dynamic young people like you from experiencing life in the U.S”.   […]

Reform of US visa programme may affect applications made by Irish graduates

The status of the H1-B visa, a temporary work permit for skilled foreign professionals used by many Irish graduates, is being scrutinised by President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, indicating a potential revamp of the programme once the Trump administration assumes power in the White House. Potential reforms were discussed with heads of large tech companies, who are […]

A Russian response to the US elections

  “The rift between the two nations is beginning to mend, which will have vast implications on geopolitics”   In just a few short weeks, Donald Trump will transition from “President-elect” to the President of the United States of America. The citizens of arguably, the world’s foremost superpower have chosen an uncertain future following an […]

The hypocrisy of the west

Death of  a Dictator: the wider question?   “…it is ironic to note that Guantanamo Bay, a haven of abuse in Cuba, is under US control.” Last week Fidel Castro died. Reaction from politicians has been mixed, from Donald Trump’s declaration that Castro was a “brutal dictator” to Justin Trudeau’s much maligned words about feeling […]

“I’m Sorry”

  “ People simply ask how I am – we don’t say the word election but we both know what we’re talking about.”   I wrote a piece on these pages about the US election a while ago and I’d like to say something before all else: I was wrong.   There is a laundry […]

Trinity students react to Trump

  “What disturbs me the most is the indifferent people. The people who think that racism is an opinion to be respected.” This “silent racism” is, in Miller’s opinion, the “biggest threat” to the world at the moment.”   Donald Trump’s election shocked the world; Asian financial markets immediately fell, Clinton-Headquarters were filled with bewildered […]

Our sense of foreboding has rung true and it’s a deafening sound

  “We were never prepared to expect a man who wished to bar all Muslims from entering the US. We were never prepared to expect that the Majority would agree.” I did not wake up to the shocking, soul shattering news that millions did to this morning. I did not sleep last night. I was […]

How to fix the American Presidential Debates

  “Viewership of the debates has waned since the first debates were televised in the 1960s. Even when we allow for the increase in viewing choice today compared to 50 years ago, a steady trend of increasing public apathy is clear.”   The Presidential debates are failing to inspire or inform, resulting in dropping viewership […]

Politics and the art of lying

Most of us tell lies everyday: saying you’ve left the house when you’re still getting ready, telling yourself you’ll never drink again after a particularly wild night out, or even just saying you’ve read and agree to the terms and conditions. Sometimes we might tell some slightly bigger ones, such as calling in sick for […]


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