What I’m really thinking: A working class student from the country

When I was in Montessori school, my teacher sold me the “Disney” line that I could be whatever I wanted to be and I believed her. I went home and did some digging in the back garden with my dad and decided I was going to do that for a living because it was fun. […]

What I’m really thinking: Living with mental health issues

    “I’m afraid of being unable to speak and express myself to the best of my abilities. I’m afraid that people don’t truly know me, and will validate my biggest fear. I am an inherently unlikable being. I care too much about others and find myself excused from class in the bathroom crying at […]

What I’m really thinking: the final-year student

Everything feels like a special moment when your time in Trinity is drawing to an end.

What I’m really thinking: the college student at the graduation ceremony

This hat is ridiculous. Wandering around Front Square in gowns; well done Trinity, fighting the stereotype since 1592. Right now, embarrassment is the overriding emotion. It’s nerve-wracking, filing up the steps in front of all these people (trying not to trip on this fucking gown and mill myself on the way). Paraded like a show-dog […]

What I’m really thinking: the sexual harassment target

To all the ass-grabbers, the boob-grazers, the ones who undress me with their eyes: I hate you. I hate you for what you have forced me to become.

What I’m really thinking: the woman who can’t let go

It feels like sex hangs on a balance between passion and performance that must be maintained – and I’ve never been comfortable with performance.

What I’m really thinking: the junior freshman

It’s crazy how lonely one can feel in a city full of people. Even though I haven’t travelled as far as, say, the international students, I still feel a real sense of isolation every morning. Being the first in my family to go to college, I was completely unprepared for everything that was about to […]

What I’m really thinking: the privileged depressive

“I’m a bit mad, sure. But I’m not actually crazy, am I?” “Anyway, what have I got to be depressed about?” I asked myself both of those questions when I was struggling with depression; even more when I was then diagnosed borderline bipolar. I have all the trappings of privilege so unjustly and automatically afforded […]


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