About Trinity News

Trinity News is an entirely student produced, independent and free newspaper which is published every fortnight during term. We report on College news, national and international news, societies, features as well as business, careers, travel, and sport, both inside and outside Trinity’s walls.


The Editor of Trinity News is a sabbatical, full-time, one-year position, but every other member of staff is a student. Everyone from our writers to our photographers, our layout and design guys to our advertising and business crew are students just like you. Far from being a disadvantage, this means our newspaper has its pulse on every aspect of College life. We’re amateurs only in name.


A common misconception is that all we do is write. It’s true that our writers are vitally important, but producing a 24-page broadsheet newspaper with a 20-page supplement requires the help of a disproportionately diverse group of collaborators. Our photography department works in the field and in the office. Our crack team of copy- and sub-editors can spot a grocer’s apostrophe at twenty paces and speak exclusively in puns. Our ad salesmen could convince you to advertise your house party in tn2. Our designers’ exam scripts have a four-column grid. Our online squad saw the dramatic chipmunk video before you did.

Independent = Vital

Trinity News isn’t a society, and exists independently of the Central Societies Committee, as well as of the Student’s Union, the Graduate Student’s Union, and the Central Athletic Committee. This means that we are free to report truthfully and without bias on these organisations, each of which play an important role in your life as a student. We enjoy editorial independence from the College line, so our content is honest and fair.
Trinity News is published by the Publications Committee. Their grant covers less than half of our costs; the rest is met by advertising revenue.


Trinity News is produced using up-to-date, industry standard hardware and software. Our office is equipped with high end Macs running the latest versions of QuarkXPress, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.  Working on the paper is the best way for students to gain experience in any aspect of media from writing, journalism and editing; to photography and graphic design. This kind of experience is valued extremely highly by employers, both in the media and beyond.

Award winning

Trinity News is the Irish student newspaper of the year for the last two years running. This year, we also took won Editor of the Year, Journalist of the Year and Sports writer of the Year.

Getting Involved

Although our senior editorial staff have already been appointed, we are always looking out for more writers, designers, photographers and web ninjas. Get in touch with the Editor, Martin McKenna (details below) if you’re interested. Say hello to us at our stand during Freshers’ Week or pop into our office on the second floor of House 6 any time during the year. We can’t  wait to meet you.

Last year’s successes

Last year we produced a one-off, 80-page full colour guide to Trinity Ball, featuring features and interviews with the biggest acts of the Ball. Our coverage of the Students’ Union featured the first ever poll of students’ voting intentions. Our countless exclusives included accounts from students of their time spent with Barack Obama & John McCain, and first-hand accounts of university life in Palestine.