Review: Yamamori

A firm favourite with Dubliners. This restaurant and its sister, Yamamori Sushi on Lower Ormond Quay, are simply fantastic.

Name Yamamori I
Cusine Japanese
Address 71-72 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2
Phone (01) 475 5001

The Signage of the restaurant.

A firm favourite with Dubliners. This restaurant and its sister, Yamamori Sushi on Lower Ormond Quay, are simply fantastic. No matter the occasion, I have always had a great meal and the portions are always ample (plenty of leftovers to fill your doggy bag.)

The night myself and Ms Mango decided to review it for Trinity News, it was freezing cold outside and as soon as we were seated, green tea was brought to the table – a very nice touch.

The décor is fairly subdued but, on the whole, Yamamori is the kind of restaurant that you feel at ease dining in. Diners vary from families and couples to groups having a girls’ night out. No complaints can be made about the service, they are not very friendly but they are professional. However, professional as they may have been, I had not finished my starter when my main course arrived, creating an awkward situation where I was forced to finish early. The timing of receiving dishes is a little off – taking into account previous experiences – and sometimes you can be left waiting on your tofu dish while the rest of the party have been served. However, on this occasion, the dishes arrived almost at the same time. The quality of the food in Yamamori is fantastic. It is not truly authentic Japanese cuisine, but more of a fusion mix which caters to Irish palates without altering the dishes too much, reaching a deliciously happy medium.

The food is truly scrumptious, with lovely mixes of texture and flavour. The sweet ginger and daikon sauce on the agedashi tofu is a perfect partner for the mixed salad, but be warned, the portions are rather large.

The yasai gyoza (vegetable and soya bean dumplings) were light and the vegetable and soya filling was rather tasty. The main courses were a sight to be seen: generous portions, aflood with colour and artistically laid out for me. I am told that the tofu steak was perfect: not a morsel was left so I think it’s safe to say that Yamamori is ideal for vegetarians (or, indeed, tofu lovers.)

The tatsuta age (marinated chicken breast of crispy ginger chicken with a teriyaki sauce served with vegetables) was really quite divine (although I have always been a fan of ginger chicken.)

The entire meal went down an absolute treat, and it will remain on my favourites list.

Even for impoverished students, Yamamori is extremely good value for money. The portions are generous and very filling, and in terms of price, it is very possible to have starters and mains for two for under €50 (or even less depending on your choices.) All this in the city centre of all places! Put Yamamori on South Great Georges Street on your must visit list if you haven’t already sampled the delights, and if you have, maybe it’s time to go back again!
Melanie O’Reilly