Suga Mel’s bellini

Need a fast but fun drink?  Melanie O’Reilly to the rescue

The Bellini cocktail is a very simple one to make. All you need is:

  • Champagne flutes
  • Peaches (white preferably)
  • Sparkling wine (Prosecco ideally)
  • Cocktail cherries to add a festive and professional touch

Peel the peaches, and slice around the stone. Then pop the peach pieces into a blender or a mixer to create peach purée. Take a champagne flute, and then pour in some peach purée. Next, gently pour in some Prosecco. The measurements should be one part peach purée to two parts prosecco (or sparkling wine). And there you go, a Bellini made. Quick and easy, but delightful!