Gutted Pav “still operational”

Students have been promised that the Pavilion Bar will be “operational” during Freshers’ Week, despite fears to the contrary as reconstruction continues at the popular student bar.

Contractors have promised both SU Ents Officer Mick Birmingham and the student body that while the redevelopment will not be complete, it will at least be open for students to enjoy a drink or eight. The bout of unusually good weather enjoyed at the end of last term is said to be the main reason behind the delay in the development. The Dublin University Central Athletics Committee wanted to maximise their summer profit margin as much as possible, as the revenue represents a significant percentage of their income. Part of the Pav’s €116,000 profit for the last financial year has been put towards the development which will provide wheelchair access, improved female toilet facilities and an expansion of the indoor seating.

The development comes as part of Trinity’s commitment to providing universal access across campus. A lift will be installed at the North-East corner of the building to allow wheelchair access. The improvements will increase the floor area by 89 sq m, offer sports clubs and societies the option of a function room, and should see the end of long queues for the toilet during busy periods.  

The Pav has traditionally been the focal point of Freshers’ week, playing host to the formal meetings that are held in the day, and the less formal debauchery of the evening.

The Buttery is licensed to serve alcohol and could offer a potential contingency plan if the Pav cannot open for safety reasons, but whether or not this happens is up to the catering management, not the Student Union.

Mr. Birmingham has said he is confident that the Freshers’ week calendar will not be affected by the development. He attributes this confidence to the plethora of activities he has arranged that are independent of the Pav’s availability. Among those planned are a traffic light ball, foam parties, a neon rave and live music nights throughout the week. 

Mick’s election campaign promises a star-studded itinerary of live music throughout the year with The Flaws playing music off their hit album “Achieving Vagueness” on Wednesday night, and the Japanese Popstars playing for students on the 1st October.

Students can also take part in a spot of sumo wrestling, enjoy comedians and live music in the day and devour the free pizza that will be provided throughout the week.

The Students’ Union are currently trying to secure a “night-bus” contract for late-night discounted travel from College green out to Bray and Howth via areas of student housing, and are currently in negotiations with bus companies.

Birmingham has won lucrative sponsorship deals primarily with Meteor, along with securing just under €30,000 to spend on events this year.
By cross-subsidising, making money on some events to allow a loss on others, he hopes to deliver big acts without the big prices, as promised in his campaign.

The sponsorship will cover some of the shortfall that the Ents team experienced last year.  
Mick has however commented that his main job was “not to make money, or even break even, but for students to have a good time” and says as long as that happens he’ll be happy.