No strings attached to College printing

Students can now print straight from their laptops, thanks to the College’s new wireless printing system. The system caters for those students using Microsoft Windows, Macs and the Ubuntu Linux distribution.  Education Officer Ashley Cooke has also announced the new top up system, which will allow students to top up their printing cards either online or via phone.

In further technological updates in College, Information Systems Services will be hoping that the all-too-familiar connection difficulties with the College network will become a thing of the past as a new system has been put in place.

The familiar system of ‘first-steps’ now contains a new web configuration program. Last year, students were required to manually configure their wireless cards in their laptops. This proved to be very frustrating for many technology novices and created a backlog of problems for IS services to deal with, which meant long lines and longer waiting times for getting problems seen to. The new program should configure students’ wireless cards automatically, and will subsequently lower the blood pressure of exam-stressed students by connecting almost immediately to the College Network.

IS Services have produced a Network Admission Control (NAC) guidebook that will guide students through each step of connecting personal computers to the network. These are readily available in the Áras an Phiarsagh building.

There are workshops running daily in College from 9am to 8pm, and an evening session in Dartry from 6pm to 8pm should you need any further assistance. Students should see for details.