College seeks power to seize publications

Student bodies have opposed a move by members of College staff to introduce a new clause to the terms of reference of the Capitation Committee giving the Senior Dean power to remove student publications from circulation.

The proposed terms of reference document was prepared by a sub-committee composed of the the Senior Dean, Junior Dean, Dean of Students, and the College Secretary. The item was added to the agenda at the last minute: representatives were informed in an email that was sent the night before the meeting was due to be held.

It was decided at the meeting that a working group, comprising representatives from each of the Capitated Bodies and chaired by Joseph O’Gorman, Honorary Treasurer of the CSC, would be set up to redraft the document. Chairperson of Trinity Publications Luke Maishman remarked “I don’t think there were any expectations it would be passed.” He added that the late addition did little to help it succeed saying it was a “further reason” for the result.

Students’ Union President Cónán Ó Bróin expressed concern over the matter saying that the Union felt “uncomfortable with not only the content” but the “manner in which it was deployed”
According to Ó Bróin the Union is fearful that the power of censorship will be placed in the hands of one person and they are prepared to stand against “any form of censorship of student opinion” in the College.