DUBES study week well spent

The Dublin University Business and Economics Society returned from their Study Week trip to Galway on Sunday. The annual trip habitually results in extreme japes, and this year was no exception: eight people were ejected from the hostel for smoking in their room. They later managed to regain entry; the degree to which the hostel management were aware of this development was not clear at the time of going to print.

In keeping with tradition, the students on the trip went out on the tiles in fancy dress on Saturday night; Galwegians were treated to a parade of strange sights including three blind mice, King Arthur, and Dubie the Pig, the society’s mascot.

In the interests of preserving these hazy memories forever, DUBES teamed up with Nokia to organise a photography competition. Students are encouraged to upload their photos from the trip to Nokia’s new “Ovi” platform, which provides unlimited storage space for photos. All students who enter receive five free tracks from the Nokia Music Store, and the overall winner will receive a free Trinity Ball ticket.

There was but one casualty of the weekend’s shenanigans, unfortunate second year Lisa Morris, who fell over in high heels and broke her ankle.Having exhausted all the partying options in Ireland, DUBES will go international this spring with a trip to Berlin.