Study space set to open

The Trinity College Library has agreed to provide a 24-hour study space on campus after years of lobbying by the Students’ Union.

The Library has confirmed that by November 16th, a study space with a capacity for just over 100 students will be located on the first floor of the Ussher Library and accessible by swiping a valid student card. The space is to be funded by the library itself and will be reviewed by the staff on a regular basis.

It is hoped that the Library will consider this as a long-term project and Students’ Union Education Officer Ashley Cooke said he will be looking to improve upon this latest development, with a view to providing students with all the facilities and resources they need to study whenever they wish to do so.

The Students’ Union, and previous Education Officers in particular, have been campaigning for years to introduce a 24-hour study space on campus. It has long been a major point in the campaign to improve the quality of education in College, along with a push to maintain and improve Library and Student Support Services. Campaigners have lobbied various committees and, this year, Ashley Cooke and the Students’ Union President met with the Deputy Librarian several times.

The library will close at its normal time when staff will retrieve books and lock the doors. Then, after ten minutes, students will be allowed to re-enter the building through the 24 hour computer room and continue their study. There will be no staff present but there will be CCTV cameras monitoring the students to ensure that the space is not abused. If endangered, students will be able to call front gate for assistance. The nearest bathrooms are situated in the Hamilton Building.

According to Trevor Peare, Head of Reader Services, builders arrived last weekend to set up the glass doors which will separate the reading space from the sorting shelves, confining this new study space to the computer room and the reading area. Students will not be allowed to enter the other floors in the Ussher library and the lift and fire exit are also to be closed off.

Trevor Peare and Deputy Librarian, Jesse Kurtz, have worked alongside the Students’ Union to organise the new study space and Ashley Cooke has expressed his gratitude to the library staff for recognising the importance of the new space. There is hope that this development will play an important role in providing a suitable learning environment for students and contribute to the success of Trinity Library.