Industrial Action

SIPTU have served Trinity College with notice of industrial action in response to cuts imposed by the government on the public sector.
SIPTU’s sectoral organiser Chris Rowland says “the union is holding the college repsonsible as the employer” and also makes the point that “the universities complied with the government’s decision to cut pay.”
The action commenced on Monday 1st Febuary and involves SIPTU’s members in the college working to contract including strict adherence to working hours. An example of the problems this action will cause in the college can be found in the libraries. Due to the government’s embargo on employment library staff were required by college to work hours outside of their contracts in order to compensate for the vacancies of eleven full-time permanent posts which cannot be filled. As a result of this work to rule the library staff will no longer work the irregular or extra hours needed to fill positions left by the lack of staff.
The action is to apply to all the SIPTU members in the college but not all at once. According to Rowland, “all members will be taking part in the work to rule at different stages”. The dates are yet to be decided by a commitee.
Under the industrial action conditions SIPTU members will also show no co-operation with any element of the transformation change agenda and will cease co-operation with the board of governors.
Rowland “hopes that (the students) would support and understand it”. She claims that “the staff of Trinity are anxious that students receive the best possible service available”, however she feels it’s wrong to cut the pay of staff earning low to middle incomes.
“Everyone must take a hit for the greater good” she says.