Sabbatical campaigns kick off

» 12 candidates contest five positions
» Main college polling begins next Tuesday

This Year’s Students’ Union elections kicked off on Sunday night with the traditonal “poster run” which signifies the start of campaigning.
Candidates for the sabbatical positions, which were announced on Monday February 25, broke out campaign t-shirts and posters and competed for display space across campus.
Many candidates opted for puns and humour in their campaigns. Jennifer Fox grabbed attanetion with a seven-foot tall fox mascot, while Entertainments candidate Conor O’Toole has built his entire campaign using as a template the graphic design of last year’s successful candidate Mick Birmingham. Others, notably the majority of the presidential candidates, have centred their campaigns around more serious issues related to their role.
Polling begins on the main Trinity grounds on Tuesday February 16. College areas such as Tallaght, St James’s hospital and associate colleges have limited polling times and dates–see  page 11. The campaigning period will last until the close of polls at 4pm on Thursday February 18. The count night will be the following evening in the Mount Clare Hotel, where canidates will be eliminated until a winner is deemed elected.
Of the thirteen canidates originally announced, twelve have continued to the campaigning phase, as one candidate dropped out shortly after the announcements.
There are four candidates for President, three for Entertainments Office, two each for Welfare Officer and Education Officer, and one in an uncontested election for Communications.