Trinity first preference as CAO applications soar

Trinity College remains an alluring prospect for this year’s CAO applicants. There was a six percent increase in first preference applications this year, representing an increase of almost 500 prospective undergraduate students. The incease was spread across each of the university’s faculties.
Many TSM courses saw dramatic inceases in applications, including History, which increased by almost a third, Sociology, up by a quarter, and Spanish, which went up by ten percent. The recently introduced Ancient and Medieval History course also drew in the prospective students, as applications increased by just under two thirds.
First preference applications for Law decreased, in line with the national trend, but applications for Law and a language rose by up to 53 percent.
The ever-popular Health sciences also showed increases, with a 20 percent rise in applicants for Medicine and a 29 percent increase in those for Dentistry.
Science and Engineering also showed modest increases of five and three percent respectively.
These increases are perhaps to be expected in a year that saw record numbers of students applying for college places. The CAO has put the preliminary figure at 72,000 applicants, an increase of ten percent on last year, and the highest figure on record.
There is some concern that the number of students this year will put further pressure on underfunded and understaffed facilities across the country. The Chief Executive of the Higher Education Authority, Tom Boland, has implied that a new cap on student numbers may be necessary.